Friday, May 05, 2006

The YB For Jasin; A Symbol Of Altruism?

The Hon. Member of Parliament for Jasin, Datuk Mohd Said Yusof in a press conference has admitted that indeed it was he who asked the Customs and Excise Department 'to close an eye' over a case involving the import of sawn timber.
"I am the one in the story. I went to the Customs office after I got a complaint from an entrepreneur from the Sungai Rambai port. The port is in my constituency," he said.
He said he went to the Customs office in his capacity as a Member of Parliament as well as a forwarding agent. "I went there to ask the Customs officials to be lenient. They did their job in seizing the sawn timber but I went there to seek their help in getting the sawn timber released. I asked for the agent to be compounded and the timber released," he said calmly in the lobby. Mohd Said admitted he asked the department to "close one eye" (tutup sebelah mata) and to let the consignment through after issuing a compound.
Mohd Said said he did not have an interest in the company of the agent who brought in the timber. "Everybody knows I am a forwarding agent and an MP. I have operated an agency since 1990 and have an interest in the port. But I have no stake in the consignment which was brought in or the company which brought it in," he declared.

**** So there you have it. The truth from the horse's mouth. Mohd Said was just doing the job expected of him as a peoples' representative. On receiving a complaint this efficient MP took the trouble to go to the customs office and plead the case of the poor entrepreneur and in the process made a 'slight mistake' in asking the officials to close one eye. Thats all. He has no interest in the company that breached regulations and no stake in the consignments.

OK. Let's for a minute assume that what he says is 100% true. Is he as efficient when it comes to the personal matters of other ordinary constituents? Does he actually take time off from his busy schedule to go from government department to government department helping his constituents iron out problems they may face? If he has done this with the same zeal he has shown in the 'tutup sebelah mata' case then he should be congratulated.

This case should be an eye opener ( pun intended) for other MPs. Help others if you must but don't breach regulations or urge others to break them.

Post script: As it will be of interest to you all I'm sure, the following is the last sentence in today's NST report on the Jasin MP. Read, think, consider and then please comment.

While debating the Supplementary Supply Bill on Tuesday, Mohd Said accused Customs Department director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid of not running his department properly.


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