Friday, April 28, 2006

Beware Of Your Cellphone.

The cellphone is one of the most essential items for any person in today's world. It can even be termed as a 'lifeline' for some people on the go. But beware that same lifeline may also be your death warrant. Below is an article in today's Star and because of its importance I'm publishing it in full.

Cellphones draw bolts of risk
HANDPHONE use during storms can be deadly as lightning is attracted to the electromagnetic waves emitted by the phone's built-in antenna.
Universiti Putra Malaysia lecturer Dr Ishak Arif told Berita Harian that handphones used radio frequencies (electromagnetic waves) of between 9,900MHz and 1.2GHz, while 3G phones used 3GHz or more.
“The signals sent out while users are communicating via their handphones can attract lightning bolts,” he said, adding that a person standing in an open space faced a higher risk of being hit by lightning.
He said lightning bolts that carried thousands of volts could pass through a person within seconds, resulting in instant death.
Dr Ishak advised handphone users to switch them off during thunderstorms.
“Apart from the antennas, handphone casings that have metal parts can also attract lightning bolts,” he added. (The Star)

*** Now, that same friend the cellphone, whom we always take for granted has its dark side too. So please, those of you who rely very heavily on your cellphones do take care during thunder storms and avoid using them as a matter of habit during inclement weather. Remember you have been warned.


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