Wednesday, May 03, 2006

MPPJ: The Unrepentant Profligate.

RM 7.5 m city tab. That was the headlines in The Sun yesterday.

**** The bigshots at the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) I suspect live on another planet and come to work to Mother Earth in the morning before being beamed back to their stellar abode in the evenings.
How else can one explain their irrational decisions totally devoid of any logic or caring for the ratepayers? Spending RM 7.5 million of the public's money just after subjecting ratepayers to an unjustified rate increase is adding acid to the many wounds inflicted on them by this heartless local authority called MPPJ.
Read the breakdown of the spending and your blood will boil.

RM1.8 million: Sprucing up the municipality for cityhood.

RM1.7 million: Logistics and public facilities.

RM1.2 million: Cost of producing books and printed materials.

RM85,000: Cost of Datuk Bandar's mace or cokmar.

Rm7,000 each: Kain songket for the mayor and others.

RM500,000: Souvenirs and gifts.


Sorry for the 'loud' question. No one in his right mind is going to support what MPPJ is doing. On this issue I can safely say that there will be across the board condemnation of their conduct. How then do we bring these recalcitrant officials to heel? One way, is to cut off the 'lifeline' to their political masters who pull the strings from the background. Easier said than done; especially where big bucks are being made and the loot shared. The other is to scare the life out of the political puppet-master by using the ACA, the police and as a final resort, the courts. If a message is sent out that the people will take all action required to bring these people to book there is half a chance they may be more circumspect in future.

Well these are my views anyway. What's yours?


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