Monday, May 01, 2006

Greedy And Ungrateful Doctors.

The following is part of an article in today's The Star.

Malaysian doctors working in Britain are losing out in terms of promotions and job opportunities to their European colleagues.
Prof Dr Lokman Sain, the dean of the medical faculty of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) said he recently visited Ireland and found many Malaysian doctors there stuck as junior housemen and denied promotions as priority was given to European Union doctors.
“Many of our doctors have been sent to the smaller peripheral hospitals as they couldn’t get into the major hospitals in Dublin and Cork,” he said.
“And even at those hospitals, many are just doing junior housemen’s work which limits the amount of expertise and experience they get.
“I feel very upset because recent reports give the impression that doctors do not want to return to Malaysia because of the poor conditions here,” he added, referring to the preliminary report submitted by the UK Executive Council for Malaysian Students.
The report focused largely on why medical students, in particular, were not returning to work in Malaysia, citing reasons such as lower income, poorer working conditions, longer working hours, less-structured training programmes and lower chances of promotion.
“I have worked in Scotland and I can definitely say that Malaysians have more opportunities for training and promotion here; plus our standards here are on par with Britain, if not better. The information is misleading.

**** Many questions come to mind when I read the report. Firstly these people were sent to to the U.K. and the Irish Republic on Government (P.S.D.) Scholarships. What right do they have to give reasons NOT to return AFTER having graduated? Would they have become doctors in the first place if the government had not generously awarded them scholarships? Now these ingrates give all kinds of reasons to explain away their greed; for that is exactly what it is - pure,unrefined greed. In medical circles it is well known that the chances of promotion, opportunity to gain experience and postings to the bigger hospitals there are almost nil for our chaps. We don't live in the fifties of the 20th century to believe poppycock about how great the west is. These blokes make more money there, that is all that keeps them from returning.
It is time that the government put a stop to this recalcitrance and irresponsibility; be more careful in awarding scholarships. It is better to award them to those of other communities who at least will return to serve instead of these ungrateful bunch who have let down their sponsors and their community. Shame on you lot.


Blogger Dr. LCK said...

What you have described is actualy a phenomenon that occurs in many developing countries where apparently the grass is greener on the other side. However the difference here is that the culprits are government scholars and therefore their action is untenable. Scholarship rules should be tightened and strictly enforced.

6:29 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Kian Ming said...

Dear Malaysian,

Keep on blogging. The more discussions we have on these and related issues, the better.

7:37 PM GMT+8  
Blogger gnoesnoohc said...

Dear all,

I am a PSD scholar in medicine in UK. PSD has given the final word for that matter in which students MUST come back to serve the nation. They are allow to be here at most 2 years (not verified) and that every one year you are here, you have to pay back 2 years' service to gov.

The thing is, most medical students stay here, coz they want to get the GMC(General Medical Council,UK) recognition, in which one has to practice in UK at least one year. This recognition is for important to further the medical specialist studies in UK later on.

But MARA?? Not a racial question, but more to standardising the rules and regulations. Most of the insuffiency of doctors occured in the rural areas in which Malays are dominant. MARA sponsors bumiputera students but allow them to practice there. They should be made MUST- together with PSD scholars, and regulate how many years maximum allowed to be here just like PSD.

Another point in which public may not know is that MARA sponsors most of the students to IRELAND, which is more expensive compare to UK (Scotland, North Ireland, England and Wales).

By the way, with no offence to UKEC, UKEC is not as 'executive' as the name implied. The survey is not done comprehensively and UKEC is dominantly based only in London. To say UKEC represent the 20K Malaysian Students in UK and Ireland is not VERY valid in reality, although that is their job, and i hope they can achieve it.

From: Student from Scotland

8:26 AM GMT+8  

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