Saturday, April 29, 2006

Give Credit Where Its Due.

This is a letter published in The Star today (29/4/06) in the letters to the editor section.

Opinion Saturday April 29, 2006
Impressed with hospital performance

I WOULD like to share with your readers my recent positive experience when my mother, Wan King Eng, was admitted to the Malacca Hospital for stroke.
From the time she was brought to the hospital by ambulance, to her discharge five days later, my mother received appropriate care of a high quality that was provided with courtesy, professionalism and in a timely fashion by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians.
The doctors and nurses were always available to talk to us and I even met the physiotherapist and dietician.
My mother is making a steady recovery and is being followed up by the Neuro Clinic.
As a previous patient of the Malacca Hospital and as someone who now works with hospital performance in my current role, I was impressed by the clinical practice and diagnostic equipment available, the health promotion posters lining the entrance and the performance information put up in wards to give feedback to staff.
PROF YI MIEN KOH,London. (The Star)

*** In an age where whinging and complaining is the the order of the day it is nice to read a letter from someone who is satisfied with the care they have received and have taken the trouble to write and express their thanks.
Now and then we see letters in the papers complaining of poor treatment at some hospital or the other. These represent only a tiny fraction of the millions who walk through the doors of hospitals and have received good care. But how many of those satisfied ever write in and say thank you? Precious few.
Put it down to indifference or a third world mentality, we only react when our own interests are affected. 'No need to thank lah, understood what!' is probably the refrain. It shows a deep flaw in our upbringing where parents have not taught their children the importance of common courtesies and gratitude. The winner take all attitude, the freeloading habit and the 'to hell with social graces' behavior is inculcated not by teachers but by parental example.
I congratulate Prof Yi Mien Koh for his fine letter of appreciation and I hope the Malacca Hospital authorities place the letter prominently on it's notice board as an example of the reaction of a well bred Malaysian.


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