Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Should Parliamentary Proceedings Be Televised 'Live'?

I was going through the Citizen's Blog in The Star today and this article caught my eye. It is indeed a very pertinent question now especially after the gaffe by a PAS MP about divorced women. View the article first.

Top 10 reasons why I would like to view Parliamentary proceedings 'Live' on TV
Posted by: Ahmad Hafidz Baharom.
1. Since petrol costs are up, and I have to be invited to view it in parliament, I'd rather watch it on television.
2. As a voter, I would like to see the person I voted for in action.
3. I would like to know if the MPs are actually keeping their promises to the people.
4. Since the Opposition is always arguing in their blogs how irrelevant the MPs are, I would like to see first-hand how this is being done.
5. With the current campaign urging the public to be courteous, I would think the leaders should lead by example.
6. As in my earlier entry, I disagree with the Minister of Information on his statement that Malaysians are not open minded enough. By showing proceedings on TV, you allow Malaysians to discuss their opinions, thus creating ideas which are later sent to MPs, which, in turn, would actually generate policies by the people, for the people.
7. With heated arguments on MPs being described as "macam monyet" and divorcees being described as "janda gatal", the public has the right to know what was the cause of the ruckus.
8. The people would also like to know who, exactly, is handling projects, such as the improvement of public transportation with the funds taken from the fuel subsidy, the MRR2 contract as well as the current Singapore Malaysia scenic bridge issue.
9. It is in line with the governments promise for transparency.
10. It allows the development of future political leaders, by creating aspirations of the young to become politically active in the future, thus decreasing the number of people abstaining to vote, and thus generating a government which is really "by the people".(The Star)

**** Now most of us have never been into Parliament House let alone attend the proceedings there. We are all blissfully unaware of the goings on in that exalted Dewan. Stories have emerged of verbal fisticuffs and third- rate theatric performances by our YBs. However so far we have not been privy to the thespianic exhibitions of our elected representatives. There have been reports of course in the mainstream newspapers about the uproar on the use of 'unparliamentary' words but nothing more than that.
I remember years ago on one live telecast of, I think the budget, when Mr. Karpal Singh MP spoke out on something there was a roar from the ruling party benches and I could clearly here them say things like, "Oi bayi duduk" and "Diam lah bayi". Only then did I realise there was nothing much separating these MPs' conversations and coffeeshop banter.
Be that as it may, in these times of 'openness', despite the myopic view of the Information Minister, it is incumbent upon the government to open up Parliamentary proceedings without editing or censorship, to the public so that they can write their own report cards on their MPs.

*** What are your views on this matter? Let us know. Remember this is The Malaysian blog, your blog, share your opinions with us.


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