Thursday, April 27, 2006

PAS MP Says That Divorced Single Mothers Are 'Gatal'

Claws were unsheathed in the Dewan Rakyat today (April 26, 2006) when a PAS member made an unkind remark about single mothers. All women MPs from both sides of the divide stood up in consternation when Abdul Fatah Harun (Rantau Panjang) claimed most single mothers, with the exception of widows, were divorced because they were "gatal" (flirtatious). Taking the lead was Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Her male counterparts joined in the chorus of protest. (Part of a report in the Sun by Husna Yusup.)

*** Several questions crop up after reading the above. Firstly, is the man serious about what he has alleged. This is by any standards a very serious accusation which tars the reputation of many, many good women. It presumes that the men had not contributed to or responsible for the divorce; if only the women had not been 'gatal' the marriage would have remained matrimonial bliss. Secondly, what is a man with such simplistic views doing in an august body like Parliament? Does the party which he belongs to agree with his view or proud of what he has so eloquently propounded ? Only time will tell. Finally are the women of PAS going to ask for his ouster and if unsuccessful in their attempt will they vote for him again?
What about those of you reading this? Do you think that such a man should be allowed into parliament in the first place? What is your opinion on the real reasons for the existence of single mothers? Lets hear it.


Blogger Linness Yusof said...

"Do you think that such a man should be allowed into parliament in the first place?"

A resounding "No!" from me. Unfortunately, regardless of whether we the common people think this sort of chump should be allowed into parliament or not, they will still be allowed there. Welcome, even, I suppose, considering that 95% of them have similar or exactly the same attitude. (How's THAT for making sweeping statements!) I seem to recall one royal monkey claim that “All bloggers are liars; they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.”

I rest my case. All Rise!

As for my opinion on the real reasons for the existence of single mothers? There are just so many. Some find that they couldn’t put up with their husbands any longer. A number of them got a divorce / got divorced because the husbands want to take another wife. I once met a woman who wanted to pursue an adventurous career and felt that her husband was holding her back, hence, the divorce. And of course, there’s domestic violence, marital rape etc. And who knows, maybe there are women who got a divorce or who got divorced because they are indeed gatal. I do know this, though: One, lots of times I find myself not wanting to know ‘the reason(s)’ because I fear that I might end up judging them for it; and Two, regardless of the reason(s) these women become single mothers, no one, not even a politician such as a PAS member from Rantau Panjang has any right whatsoever to make derogatory sweeping statements like that, if not for the sake of minding people’s sensitivities, then to conceal his own ignorance / apathy / idiocy.

Hey, appeals to their vanities usually work…


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