Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Curse Of The Ah Long.

Ah Longs; the curse of the unfortunate? Stories abound about their cruelty and heartlessness. Following is one such story taken from The Star today.

Loan sharks harassing teacher.

IPOH: A teacher and her three children are living in fear of loan sharks who are back to their old tricks – splashing red paint on houses.
The 50-year-old teacher, who wanted to be known only as Wong, said on two occasions loan sharks had splashed red paint on her house
She said the loan sharks who had already collected RM100,000 from her, were out to recover a loan taken by her ex-husband, a civil servant.
She said the first “attack” was on April 17, when several men travelling in a car threw plastic bags containing red paint in front of her house at Taman Boon Bak, Pasir Puteh.
“It happened again at 1.30am yesterday,” said Wong, who appealed to the loan sharks to stop harassing the family.
“I was watching television with my daughter when we heard a car passing and something hitting the car porch.
“When I opened the door, I saw red paint all over the place,” said Wong as she related the incident to the Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau deputy chief Datuk Lee Kon Yin yesterday.
Lee, who is also Lahat assemblyman, said he would ask the police to take action against the loan sharks, as Wong was not the debtor. (The Star)

**** How many times have we heard of these ugly events? These hooligans have total disrespect for the law and the sanctity of the family home by throwing red paint, making physical threats and publically humiliating the debtor by verbal abuse etc. With unrealistic and unfair interest rates to contend with, these poor people are subjected to the worst possible psychological abuse by these modern-day Shylocks.
Where is the reasonable protection that they should expect from the police? Most often they are left to fend on their own as many believe that the cops themselves are in the pay of these deep-pocketed crooks. Many of the moneybags behind the illegal moneylending schemes are said to be politicians with much clout at the party level and therefore thought to be 'untouchable'. Then again so did Saddam Hussein. Its time that the relevant authorites did something about this unwanted curse on the unfortunate and those on skid row.

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Blogger waterface said...

If the people go and borrow money from loan sharks, then they are actually asking for troubles!

7:32 PM GMT+8  

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