Friday, April 04, 2008

Khir Toyol Confirms He Wants To Head Umno Youth

Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo confirmed that he would be contesting for the Umno Youth chief position at the party elections in December.

Dr Mohd Khir, who spoke to reporters at the Selangor Umno headquarters on Friday, said he decided to contest for the position after receiving encouraging feedback from the party’s youth members. “I have gathered feedback on whether I was viable to contest for the position and what I received was very good,” he added.

He said there would be no change in his decision to contest if he continued to receive positive feedback.

Dr Mohd Khir also added that the vast experience gained during his tenure as mentri besar and Barisan Nasional (BN) state chief was an added asset for him to lead the youth wing. “I will be able to give the Umno youth movement a new dimension with my experiences,” said Dr Mohd Khir.

To a question if he would be obtaining the party leadership’s blessing as endorsement, Dr Mohd Khir said that anyone could contest for the post, as it was a vacated position.

When asked if he would come to an "agreement" with any other candidates vying for the same position, Dr Mohd Khir said: “I will not compromise with any other candidate as this is an open competition in which anyone can contest.”

Besides Dr Mohd Khir, Umno Youth executive council member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir has also indicated his interest in contesting for the position.

Responding to a question if the Selangor BN’s bleak performance in the recent general election would hinder him from winning the position, Dr Mohd Khir said the state’s Umno candidates had not fared badly at all.

He said Umno had won 18 seats in the state but had lost Selangor due to national issues such as problems related to economic distribution and inter-religious affairs, among others. (The Star)

***** After the humiliating loss of Selangor to Pakatan Rakyat and having been unceremoniously dumped as state Umno chief, the Toyol must be really desperate to clinch a post which can still guarantee him a little power as well as a position in government.

Considering that he's not exactly the flavour of the month within and outside Umno, it must have taken quite a bit of courage for him to go for broke. With Mukhriz also confirming today his intention to stand for the same position, one must view with apprehension the future of the Toyol over the next few months. If Dr Mahathir sets his sights on Toyol and decides to reveal the considerable muck which he had accumulated while in the Selangor MB's office, it'll be curtains for the tempe-loving, botox-inclined former MB.

Still, there are another eight months more to party elections and anything can happen before that. Who knows? Khir Toyo might actually defeat Mukhriz and become the next Minister of Education! Look at the bright side. There aren't any temples in schools to destroy are there?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the spelling - T***l - purposely or typo?

6:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous AAK said...

Kill Toyol bugger days as top goon of um no is finished. With no governmental position and power,the bugger is doomed.

9:24 AM GMT+8  
Blogger warta tua said...

When the head is not in full control, the bandits will be in disarray. This commonly happens in all pirate groups as the loot may not be enough to go round to satisfy the unsatisfiable greed of its members.

10:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask this Toyol to sell Javanese Tempe.

1:10 AM GMT+8  

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