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Sharia Lawyers Say Extend Cuddle Ban To Non-Muslims

Islamic lawyers meeting in Malaysia want an existing ban on unwed Muslim couples from cuddling or holding hands to be extended to non-Muslims caught flirting with the faithful, a local newspaper said on Thursday.

Experts in sharia law, which currently applies only to Malaysia's majority Muslims, proposed at a seminar that there should be a civil law to deal with non-Muslims found committing the Islamic crime of khalwat, or close proximity, with a Muslim.

"The Muslims can be sentenced in sharia courts and the non-Muslim partners can probably be sentenced in the civil courts, to be fair to both parties," a senior Malaysian sharia-court judge told the Star newspaper.

Mohd Asri Abdullah, a sharia appeal-court judge, was quoted as saying the proposal would be forwarded to the Malaysia's chief lawyer, the attorney-general, for government consideration.

The seminar also proposed penalties be increased for Muslims found guilty of khalwat, prostitution, gambling and consuming alcohol, to a maximum fine of 1,000 ringgit ($314) or five years' jail or 12 strokes of a cane for lower-court offences.

Malaysia runs parallel sharia and civil legal systems, with sharia courts dealing only with Muslims and mainly in family disputes or in matters such as khalwat or apostacy.

It employs religious police to ensure Muslim compliance with Koranic laws. They sometimes patrol parks looking for young unwed couples holding hands, raid nightclubs to catch Muslims drinking alcohol and ensure Muslims observe the fasting month of Ramadan.

Some Muslims feel it is not fair to be punished for moral crimes that non-Muslims can freely commit. But non-Muslims, who make up around 40 percent of Malaysia's population of 26 million, strongly resist attempts to impose standards of Muslim morality on them, even if these attempts are sometimes mistaken.

In 2006, Islamic officials mistakenly raided the apartment of a married American couple, both Christians, on suspicion of khalwat. The government later apologised to the duo.

***** The learned gentlemen of the syariah should have come out with this statement a month ago and BN would have lost at least another half-a-dozen seats. Too bad.

While it is laudable that the syariah experts want to be 'fair to the Muslims' it is rather unreasonable on their part to wish to extend the provisions via the civil courts to those who do not profess or believe in their faith. Any attempt to steamroll legislation on this point would be political suicide for the government, be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.

In any case would it not be better, if they genuinely believe in being fair to the Muslims, to lower fines and other harsh punishment and try the more tolerable and tested method of counseling the offending members of the faith? To legislate the social and moral behaviour of hot-blooded young men and women has met with little or no success in other countries and it is doubtful that Malaysia could be the miraculous exception.

It would be more useful if the learned syariah exponents employ their considerable knowledge and talent in tackling the deadly scourge of dadah among Malay/Muslims which has been a curse and has taken a great toll on Muslim families and the country. The whole nation would be grateful to them.
From The Star: ‘Punishing non-Muslims for khalwat against Constitution’

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Some Muslims feel it is not fair to be punished for moral crimes that non-Muslims can freely commit..."


2:44 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this fellas just dont get enough...
who is this(Ikim) and the Syariah Judiciary Department Malaysia plp for us, the non muslims...... if it is u muslims fate to compliance with Koranic laws... go n have it for urself. it doent seem to me like moral policing for a better tomorow but a way for this religious hypocrites to get us into their Koranic law. Today its the cuddle ban, and tomorow we can expect more from their koranic laws n teaching. SO BEWARE!!!!!

4:41 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

Yeah, they should have spoken up before the General Elections and let us all have a say in it.

Probably worth a few seats in Parliament...

5:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Din ahmad said...

I just think that it is sickening that Muslims do not have better things to do than to think about how to punish people fo rwrong doings.

Lets focus on developing the a Muslim that do not do things because he believes that he should not do it - not because of teh worry that some people make their living by snooping on others. Grow up guys ! Can they prove that this was what the prophet Muhammad s.a.w spent his time on ?

9:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am a non muslim. with due respect and without prejudice i believe these flers should implement islamic laws in its true sense and mete out punishments as prescribed in the quran and hadiths.

then we would have solve problems like these -

to non muslims - nothing to fear if you do spend a little of your time to read and understand hudud.

10:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, next proposal it is a crime for women to drive, vote, or refuse their husbands in bed. also crime to go out in public without a male companion, or speak for herself, or wear anything that shows her sexy wrists. women should also be stoned to death by the public if found with a man, never mind if they didn't have sex. and women who writes a blog comment will have their hands cut off and their eyes gorged out. Ouch!! so much for the hudud laws.

I agree with the writer of this article that all these harsh laws will not stop offenders. rather, as a society, raise better, kinder, more tolerant families than resort to archaic laws to keep people down.

6:47 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is plain unfair and stupid, who are they to interfere the relationship between humans. Living in a land without freedom so called working to become first world country, but the law is worse than that in a third world. sick!

9:16 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous juslo said...

r these people trying to INSULT THE INTELLIGENCE of non-muslims???

Datuk Mohd Asri Abdullah, Syariah Court of Appeal Judge, said:
“The Muslims can be sentenced in Syariah courts, and the non-Muslim partners can probably be sentenced in the civil courts, *****to be fair to both parties.*****”


to b FAIR mah, of course!!! how could u infidels resist such an argument?! after all, u DHIMMIS r the ones who always complained that we discriminated against u lot, treating u like 2nd class citizens, rite?!!
we're all for FAIRNESS & EQUALITY wut!!!??!!

dear datuk, how about "to be fair to both parties", NOBODY should b punished for khalwat?!?!!

'fair' n 'equal' works BOTH WAYS, in case they din teach u LOGIC in your syariah law school, datuk.


it is precisely THIS kind of intelligence-insulting that makes non-muslims worry about 'islam'. to these so-called 'syariah' scholars, it is as if all non-muslims r brain dead, or kindergarten kids, like themselves.

(1 example of intelligence insulting:
Monday, July 09, 2007
No Self-Incrimination?
old habit dies hard...)

using "to be fair" as an excuse to MIRROR the punishments for non-believers is to subject non-muslims to syariah law THROUGH THE BACKDOOR. (maksudnya, melalui BONTOT, datuk!)

like others have said,
“It is an implied way of imposing Syariah law on the non-Muslim communities in Malaysia,” he said.

Punishing non-Muslims for khalwat against Constitution

please lah, treat us with some RESPECT, dont insult our intelligence anymore.

p/s: YES, datuk should have spoken up 1 month ago!!!! what was keeping u, datuk?!?!!

11:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid IKIM fellas, what kind of law is that? How does it apply in practical world? does that mean when I take monorail home, I had to separate from any other malay females around me while the train is damn-packed like sardines cans?

Or I will be severely punished by whipping for hugging a malay colleague of mine? Ei as far as I can remember Datuk Rafidah did hugged Dr M and causes a huge sensation over that issue, why dun u start arresting them both then?

Idiot, full of crap ideas, as a matter of fact, ISLAM only mention about khalwat law implies against MUSLIMINS ONLY and warned their followers not to commit such crime as a sign of preservation against lust as compared to other religion.

10:27 PM GMT+8  

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