Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why Must We Be Saddled With A Corrupt Police Force?

Is there no long term solution to the menace of corruption in the police force? Obviously something is very wrong when even newly 'graduated' police officers, including females are on the take. Read this report in TheStar and feel sad for the poor citizens.

Two police detectives and a female inspector have been arrested for allegedly accepting bribes from a businessman here several days ago.

Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) officers picked up the woman, in her 20s, along with the two detectives, in their 30s, after they allegedly demanded money from the man when they found an Ecstasy pill and some other drugs in his house during a raid.

The female inspector had graduated from the police training college less than a year ago.

The police personnel, all from the narcotics unit of the Pontian district police headquarters, demanded about RM5,000 from the man and gave him 24 hours to pay up or action would be taken against him. The man paid within hours.

A report was lodged with the ACA and within hours all three police personnel were nabbed.

It is learnt that police are also conducting their own internal investigations to ascertain whether the two detectives had manipulated or taken advantage of the “fresh” officer.

State ACA director Nooraziah Abdul Manaf confirmed the arrests and appealed to people with information on such cases to contact the ACA hotline at 07-224 1982 or 1-800-88-8844.

***** What can I say? There have been serious accusations of police culpability and complicity in secret society activities flourishing in Sarawak, yet what positive action has been taken till now? Sure, the IGP paid a visit there but has there been any follow-up?

The pussyfooting by the government in the IPCMC issue is a good example of the absence of political will to set things right. And any observation which touches on things that ail our government departments including the police force cannot ignore the lopsided recruitment policies which have resulted in the over-dominance of Malays across-the-board. That surely cannot be a good thing.

I personally feel that a more racially-mixed police force will be a boon to our domestic security. There is no advantage or benefit in homogeneity. It only encourages complacency, tolerates corruption and conceals gross abuses of power. What do you think?

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Anonymous donten said...

I think there is corruption because

1) ineffective leaders and government
- leaders not doing their job to inspire and motivate
- leaders themselves are corrupt and on the take
- leaders can always instill harsher punishment for accepting bribes, but they don't
- leaders can always have an effective much-touted Police Commission & ACA to check corruption, but they make it powerless

2) low pay
- if higher pay, less likely to accept bribes
- if higher pay, other races also more likely to join police force

3) racial politics
- bad education & culture in Malaysia lead to racial discrimination and pro-one-race
- this leads to other races finding it difficult to advance in police force

12:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gaji polis berapa? cukup bagi makan anak tak? gaji ketua polis negara berapa? gaji polis di singapore berapa?

8:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear The Malaysian

obvious answer an overwhelming yes to your question. but then, the rot starts from the top. if the PM can ask two quarreling officials in LKIM to sort out each other's allegation of corruption instead of throwing the book at these buggers, then what sort of leadership against corruption is that? please you are not talking about small money of rM5,000. RM17.8 million to build a 1.8km road. goodness gracious, about RM10.0 million per km and that done without tender. yet, the PM says ....shh..hh sort it out internally, you guys.
With the PM seemingly to be condoning such acts, what do you expect?

11:29 PM GMT+8  

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