Friday, April 13, 2007

Now That Chong Kah Kiat Has Resigned, Musa Aman Should Be Sacked.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat Friday announced his resignation as a member of the Sabah state cabinet effective April 16.

Chong said he submitted his resignation letter to Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah at Istana Negeri.

Asked why the sudden resignation, Chong, who is also State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, said: "It's not sudden...I'm nobody, not important and I'm nothing".

When asked to comment on his relationship with the other state cabinet members, including Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, he said: "I will have my say, if need be, when the time comes. Otherwise, I will try to refrain.

"I'm known to be a very patient man. Whatever I can refrain...I refrain....unless I'm forced to. I will stand by what I've been doing all my political life and I will stand by my principles," he said.

***** At this point in time, I suppose that is all Tan Sri Chong can say. However it is an open secret that the Sabah CM, Datuk Seri Musa Aman, that exceptionally avaricious greedster and notorious amasser of ill-gotten wealth has been on a looting spree ever since he took office and has shown no signs of slowing down. Pak Lah as usual does not want to know what the hell is going on in Sabah due to the same reasons why he does not care about the statewide plundering by the other East Malaysian robber, Sarawak CM Taib. The explanation of course is that corruption is a global scourge and will therefore take time to address; about a century or three can be considered reasonable. Moreover the PM acts on 'strong convictions' and that is the main reason why potential convicts like Musa Aman and Taib are still allowed to hold important positions of power which they misuse blatantly to make hundreds of millions, if not billions.

However Chong's resignation is a good thing. For one, it marks a strong departure from the usual Barisan sandiwara. Here is a man who dared to resign on grounds of principle, a rare quality indeed, and if push comes to shove, he will be prepared to reveal much more than what we can imagine has been going on in Sabah. That serves an ominous notice to Musa Aman, the penyamun lording it in Kota Kinabalu, that the good times are almost over and it's better to go quietly now than be booted out in disgrace. Alas those drunk and intoxicated with power and greed will never see the writing on the wall. But then again with Pak Lah on holding mode, perhaps Musa Aman's days of pillaging still have some lease of life left. Let's wait, watch and learn.

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From TheStar: Extracts from the press conference by Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat

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Blogger team BSG said...

another bright spark ( real Malaysian but otherwise unknown & unappreciated idol) one in a million. Without the glamour and the prizes. Its like that here

9:04 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Pak Lah is keeping quiet? The question should be why Sabah is getting poorer despite rich in natural resources..and booming nice hotels, roads, Putrajaya, KLCC, whatever not..

He needs the money to built his territory lah...and feed his ministers with Curry-puffs and kuihs while attending meetings in an aircond room.

8:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds very bitter from a man who has stood by BN all these while. Yet, the PM said there is no loss ( and more like good riddance as you are hampering our pirate in raiding and plundering the State). So much for your sacrifice and deep rooted bleieve in BN.
i respect your principle Tan Sri Chong but may I ask for a bigger sacrifice from you for the nation sake. Please leave BN altogether and contribute your efforts to nation building by standing as an independent or working with PKR in Kudat. afterall, the PM had make it very clear that you are not needed at all.

11:37 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous fencesitter said...

give a good & transparent explanation lah, tan sri otherwise u are still playing the politics game which nobody believes!

4:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ask the Chinese in Sabah about what they think about Chong Kah Kiat. No need to say more. He got his fair shares in looting Sabah.

11:29 AM GMT+8  

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