Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Even A Patient In An Ambulance Is Not Safe!

It was rather shocking to read in the Malay Mail today about how a female patient being sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital allegedly had her breasts fondled by a male Civil Defence Department ambulance personnel and the act recorded on a camera phone.

To add insult to injury a female personnel held her tightly when she tried to resist and when the fondling was over, all that the female personnel said to the male pervert was "Kau ni jahatlah!" According to the victim the male and female personnel "nonchalantly discussed the whole thing, and even laughed about it. The woman was insensitive and irresponsible.”

Quite unbelievable! Is this the sort of people we have manning our ambulances? No wonder Health Minister Chua Soi Lek is trying to get rid of the ambulance service from the responsibility of his ministry by proposing to privatize it. I wonder what the Civil Defence Department has got to say about their randy ambulance staff.

Read about the humiliation of this helpless female patient and comment: ‘Ambulance man fondled my breast’

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, if you ask some of our politicians privately, the less enlightened ones, I mean. Given their 1920s mindset, they will probably tell you, "It's an isolated case." "It doesn't happen everyday." This will probably inflamed public opinion and leave the women gender fuming. But of course, it doesn't also mean that this type of behavior should be tolerated even if it happens once in a century. Yes, a patient in an ambulance (in Malaysia) is not safe, given "isolated" cases of ambulances involved in accidents. Prove me wrong. Check the newspapers archives. Of course, the Hell Minister is interested to privatise the services. It's best to shift the blame, that's politics.

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