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Do You Believe This Pak Lah Statement? - "Government Doesn't Discriminate When Recruiting For The Civil Service!"

Either I'm experiencing a premature deterioration of my mental faculties, as I disagree with his statement, or there is something seriously wrong with our Prime Minister's opinion on recruitment to the civil service. The racial composition of our public service is so blatantly lopsided and so very heavily tilted towards the Malay, one has to be either totally blind or extremely thick-skinned to still persist in maintaining a façade of fairness and equality. Please read the following report from the NST and comment.

The government does not discriminate when recruiting for the civil service, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

In a written reply to M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat), Abdullah said in implementing the intake of new candidates for the civil service, the Public Service Commission (SPA) had never used the racial factor in approving an application.

Abdullah said various steps had been taken to strengthen the intake of non-Bumiputeras into the civil service.

These included advertising in Chinese and Tamil as well as Sabah and Sarawak newspapers on the vacancies; simplifying the applications for vacancies via the Internet; organising Open Day to attract applicants; inviting teachers from vernacular schools for briefings to inculcate interest among SPM school holders to join the civil service; and holding career day at local institutes of higher learning.

Abdullah said in 2004, a total of 16,338 people were recruited into the civil service and this increased to 17,031 in 2005 and 18,544 last year.

***** The PM is talking about the easy part and that is in getting the non-Malays to apply for the posts. Even if the government gives minimum publicity, those interested will find a way to submit their application forms. That is not a stumbling block. The problem comes only after the forms are submitted and racist selection committees reject their applications and many non-Malays unfortunately end up with dukacita letters. This is what Pak Lah has to address and change if he is sincere in his wish to see a fair recruitment to the civil service which accurately reflects the true racial composition of our population. Will he?

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Anonymous NH said...

To make the civil service more representative of the country's composition means that Malaysia has to practise a form of meritocracy. Isn't "meritocracy" a bad word in Malaysia?

12:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The inaugural United Nations "Liar of the Year" Award goes to our numero uno spinner and 'talking through his arsehole' pm. Hearing him telling lies makes the whole nation sick

1:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at AAB's remarks, didnt somebody say he is mentally challenged!

2:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on fellas, don't you trust the PM? Believe me, the sun rise from the west and sets in the East. Look out your window (with closed eyes). See what I mean!

2:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to June 2005 statistics released by PM's Dept (in April 2007), there were 77.04 per cent (Malays), 9.37 per cent (Chinese), 5.12 per cent (Indians), 7.77 per cent (Bumiputras) and 0.7 per cent (Others). Before launch of NEP in 1971, the breakdown in the civil service was 60.8 per cent (Malays), 20.2 per cent (Chinese), 17.4 per cent (Indians) and 1.6 per cent (Others)

So you can figure out why UMNO stands for "You Must Not Object". MCA stands for "Money Comes After" and MIC, "May I come". The figures speak for itself.

When there is no sincerity and no political will? No meritocracy. As long as it lop-sided, there will be negliglence of certain communal interests, less equitable and less dynamic.First class mentality? Likely not. First class mental cases. Yes!

2:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous kok said...

The special privileges and rights, while being implemented for the malays in full force, have also been used as a deadly weapon to suppress the non-malays. Look at the way universities allocate places to the non-malays. Look at employment ratio in the public sector from A to Z.

It is true that there have been abuses under the name of malay special rights and it is the duty of the malays in particular, and all Malaysians in general, to stop it so that the rightful malays get their rights, and the non-malays get their rights as citizens of this country.

Ninety-six percent of the education budget was spent on national schools while the Chinese and Indians only got 2.44 percent and 1.56 percent respectively. But how much of that 96 percent was taken up by the elites?

Less than three percent of the national budget is spent on the maintenance of all the Chinese new villages in the country from which more than two million people's taxes come from. Indian settlements got even less.

The non-malays know for certain how their contributions are being employed to bail out elite cronies. The amount used to bail out Renong was sufficient to cover the cardiac by-pass operations of more than one million patients (the country only operates on less than 3000 cases a year).

To say that the second class non-malays are richer than the first class malays is utter rubbish.

These special privileges and rights were once a necessity for them to move forward. Today, after many decades, they find themselves still standing in the same place.

3:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous tim said...

Now almost 50 years of independence, we really should review the social contract because it has not served its purpose. Somewhere along the line, it got twisted further and a religious dimension was brought in.

This is because third generation non-malays born and bred on this soil is considered 'pendatang' and second class citizens. Whereas recent Pakistani husbands to malays and Indonesian newcomers enjoy better privileges.

Now this agenda is religiously skewed and that is how the Pakistanis and the Indonesians are enjoying better privileges at the expense of third or fourth generation non-malay Malaysians.

This also probably explains why the Orang Asli still do not fully enjoy the privileges of the social agenda.

The NEP has only served a few. Its original motives were noble because weather you or I agree malays do need a lot of encouragement but not the sort that have been getting as opposed to the ones in Singapore.

In the 1970s in Singapore, O and A levels pass marks for Malays: 28%, Indians: 65%, Chinese: 75%, others: 50%.

This NEP trash only made the non-malays smarter and the malays more dumber. Pass mark for Singapore malays in state: 50%.

Singapore allow them to leave Singapore any time they want but they choose to stay because their kids are properly educate, got better opportunities, housing and health care……….And they are truly loyal to Singapore.

I would like to add further to what has mentioned.

(1) Singapore first president was a malay. The republic has also had two Indian presidents including the present one.

(2) It has had two Indian foreign ministers.

(3) The country present minister for education is an Indian.

(4) The republic Singapore has had two Indian deputy prime ministers including the current one.

(5) A former police chief (equivalent to Inspector-General of Police) was, yes, you guessed it, an Indian.

Can we ever expect such important government positions in Malaysia to be occupied by those representing the minority communities in Malaysia? I am afraid the minorities here can only dream.

As I said, the racial disharmony in Malaysia is not the cause of Malays, Indians or Chinese. The fault and blame lies squarely and directly on Umno and Umno Youth leaderships, and their barrel of race-based politics and policies.

Are the malays so impoverished in intellect and ability that they need handouts to survive?

The alternative already exists - the day the malays rely on themselves, not Umno, is the day they write their own destiny.

Protection for the malays means isolation for the malays. As long as they ask for more protection, they will be isolated from the progress of the world.

In the end, they will be hiding in caves like the Taliban. Nowhere to go because of inadequate skills, or skills that are not useful to the society and humankind at large.

Income and employment statistics show the Chinese are still ahead of other races but nowhere near pre-NEP levels.

The opportunities and aids provided under the NEP, if given to non-malays would propel them sky high in half the period. The hardship makes us wiser, stronger and better. Hence we always try our best for the better of our next generation.

3:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous pang said...

We seem to start the year 2007 with a bang.

Proton, Perwaja, MAS, are all government-linked companies which are millstones round the country neck as a result of dishonest former CEOs. Somehow, the guilty have not been caught and charged, their place taken by 'smaller fishes'.

I suppose Malaysians are by now immune to this type of news.

Only in this blessed country, I suppose where we applaud failure can these 'crony companies' do no wrong with government funds (taxpayers hard-earned monies) being used to keep them afloat, when times are bad.

Whatever it is, don't hold your breath waiting for justice to be served. With Malaysians getting more and more immune to this kind of behaviour by political leaders and business, their cronies are having a field day raiding government coffers and escaping.

'Malaysia Boleh'.

3:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous oversee said...

For those who are already in oversea and live comfortably. There is no reason for you to come back to Malaysia. Life in Malaysia is getting tougher each day.

Frankly, as a Chinese, I don't see there is any future for our next generation.

Another dangerous mentor that people always use is JFK "Don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country."

Is sound nice, but isn't how German Nazi and Japan militarism started the world war using the same mentor? Under the great "ask what you can do for the country."

Patriotism? Yes, I understand how you feel. Your love for the country was spoilt by the political party. Since non-malays will always be a second-class citizen, so you are probably the same in any other countries, if not better.

You get cannibalised by your own countrymen, intellectually and professionally.

As someone else advised, be a global citizen.

Patriotism does not need you to be in Malaysia to work your due. Let no one pointed at you and say you are a traitor if your true intention is to generate good deeds for Malaysia wherever you are.

Save your time about coming back to Malaysia. Nothing will change in Malaysia. At least not even in this lifetime. Racism will still be here to stay and also everything else.

I think there is such an entrenched discrimination against the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia, that it will take probably a whole generation to undo the damage.

This is happening in whole spectrum of the Malaysia government, civil service, state governments and universities. Just look at percentage of malays in all these government bodies - 98%.

A whole generation of malays has been brought up to think that it is their inherited right to own Malaysia. The other races are damned.

I think the malays especially those in power, are scared right now that if they will to compete openly with other races, they will surely be the loser. You will see very strong resistance to hire other races even the most qualified.

The malays are never brought up to compete on even ground. This is fault of previous prime minister and now the present prime minister has to tread a balance ground to ensure the malays are not cast away as well as to make Malaysia competitive worldwide.

In US I never met a malay immigrant, although there are thousands of Malaysian Chinese and Indian immigrants. Why? Malays in Malaysia have an easier life where they are literately prince of the land.

We have infrastructure good enough to be considered first world or better. Look at the Cyberjaya, Petronas Twin Towers, Putrajaya!

Gleaming high-rise buildings but also in every city, dirty toilets abound, litter clogging up the drains, public telephones damaged, plus unreliable rubbish collection and disposal. We just treat public facilities badly, not caring about others.

Being an urban dweller myself, I am constantly disheartened by the poor public infrastructure and upkeep in our capital city.

Faulty pedestrian traffic signals, illogical positioning of bus stops, poor public cleanliness, poor quality sidewalks (which are paved using slippery tiles), poorly managed and unintegrated public transportation system, the list goes on.

Your children can't even walk safely along the Kuala Lumpur streets, as they might be bags snatched, kidnapped, murdered, raped, or robbed, as they do not know the jungle laws of Malaysia. The police won't help much as they now have a big pile of corruption cases running after them.

You owe nothing to Malaysia, you pay your due, so live on.

So, my last advice. Don't come back unless you are really suffering in oversea.

I am sorry this sounds very racist but I think we have to be honest in discussion.

3:11 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous aston said...

Malaysia must learn from Singapore as how to administer a multiracial nation. Its ministers and higher government officers must send to Singapore for further training before taking up the post. Even China send its officers to Singapore for training. Learn from Singapore experiences if Malaysia wants to progress and to achieve 2020 vision. Otherwise go back to Kampong, be a champion in Kampung always.

3:13 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous miya said...

This is from the Malaysia man who brought you these, not in order of magnitude:

1. World class airline - MAS
2. World class bank - Bank Islam
3. World class capital - Putrajaya
4. World class car - Proton
5. World class dam - Bakun
6. World class democracy - Umno
7. World class exchange - KLSE
8. World class ICT - Multimedia Super Corridor
9. World class law - ISA
10. World class parliament - August House
11. World class polis - Bukit Aman
12. World class steel - Perwaja
13. World class trader - Bank Negara
14. World class transit - Putra and Star
15. World class transparency - EPF

Let us support this man in order to further his cause in creating some world class intelligence and memory challenged followers. We may even be the hub of world class! Boleh!

3:17 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous fargoman said...

You see my friends - in the pursuit of the malay agenda (might I add - blind, overzealous and racist pursuit), they are now paying the most costly price of all - a terribly poor command of the English language!

All the bluffing and lies on the bullshit meritocracy has failed them - actually a slap in their face! Serves them right!

No else has lost out like the so called son of the soil - wonder no more as to why there are about 60000 graduates (cannot use ones) are jobless! You reap what you sow!

Dr Mahathir - It is a joke that through your old age recognized the education system in Malaysia does not work. It was you that one of the formulators of the system.

Your education system threw out hardworking, honesty and all the merits of a good education system.

You instead taught malays to be:

Dishonest (steal from the people)
Lazy - your NEP
Steal from the Chinese
Threat the Indians bad even though you were half breed yourself
and worst of all taught everyone in Malaysia to be
Crooked like you.

So now you are feeling the heat because your educational boys are not able to survive in this competitive world.

Your fight with the Badawi and his Oxford scumbags thieves, will take this nation to ruins. 22 years of education ruin by this old Dr Mahathir and his cronies.

Why Dr Mahathir said it now? What did he do in the last 22 years? Maybe he should be a prime minister now at the age of 80 as he is wiser now. Should not be a prime minister 22 years ago or maybe after 22 years he was in office (as an apprentice), then he is really ready to work in a real world……….

Malaysia new dilemma - Some 60000 unemployed graduates, mostly malays have to be retrained; capable non-malays lost to Singapore.

In Singapore there are lots of ex-Malaysians or Malaysians. I just visited one of my primary schoolmates (first met 40 years ago).

He rounded up some chaps, and when they told me one by one that they have converted their passports (even those diehard, hardcore Malaysians who vow not to surrender their Malaysian passports), I felt a huge sense of loss, indescribable.

I have to accept the fact that this is the real world. Some of them are CEOs of multinationals, directors, pilots, principals of schools, professors etc.

The only one who came back to Malaysia married a Malaysian wife. Like other diaspora, they scatter and put down roots where there is nourishment and they grow there. Best wishes to our fellow Malaysians.

3:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous ruyom said...

Well, I worked in a few different countries and I have met some transplanted or former Malaysians (Chinese or Indian and even mixed blood). Almost all of them narrated the same treatment they received while they were in Malaysia, when I asked them why they wanted to leave the beautiful country Malaysia.

I have talked to an automotive engineer in Germany (ex-Malaysian married to a German); I met a mining engineer formerly from Ipoh who now lives in Canada; I met a petroleum engineer in Australia who is specialized in fracture stimulation (whatever that is);

I met a spacecraft engineer in Houston who has nothing good to say about Malaysia - many more people with great expertise and talent who have given up Malaysian citizenships……….most interesting was a malay women who married to an American geologist - she did not repay her RM90000 Mara loan and do not want to return to Malaysia.

So now I am in Malaysia for a year and I realized what those people told me about. Most of what they said I can now sympathies and understand the situation.

They never ever regret the choice make to give up Malaysian citizenship. Being a non-malay is a second or third class citizen in this country.

My job here is not to change the political situation. I am just saying what I come across.

3:22 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous vesewe said...

I think it is simple, Malaysians (the malays) think with emotions not brains. As long as they don't use brains but emotions, we will never progress!

Look at it, you can't even have a ground to speak on racial issues without people getting emotional and wanting to fight, I guess that probably the best outcome of the NEP!

How stupid can someone to think feeding fish to a man is going to guarantee his future? You mean our past leaders were so stupid not know that only by teaching him how to fish, and allowing him to fish on rough seas by himself, will he be successful in life?

Look at Singapore, not that the government don't care, but the policy is simple, you have to compete with anyone around you, not only fellow Singaporeans but also outsiders!

And that gives you a truly intelligent society!

Look at Malaysia, when a minister condemn a dumb ass company like Proton to buck up, you get thousands of idiots in the floor chanting "Hidup Proton"……….now you tell me, is that emotions, intelligence or stupidity!

Australia, Singapore and UK, the main beneficiaries of our rejected (but bright) students, may have laughed privately about our higher education policies for the last few decades - Why would a country invests 12 years of primary, secondary education in their citizens, only to deprive them for the opportunity of a tertiary education?

The policy of overemphasis of non-science courses at our public universities may have caused the shortage of scientific talent in the country, as well as creating a huge number of unemployable graduates.

No wonder Singapore is very happy with the gain. Thailand too is applauding our policy. Simply it is holding our Malaysia progress to developed status. Hence, Thailand is quietly but surely overtaking us in all fields. They are already in nano-tech.

Malaysia? Umno Youth busy waving the keris frightening the non-malays and would be investors away.

Singapore is friendly to expatriates working there. They treat those experts well. Also they allow them to make decisions. But back here Malaysia, the experts have to take instructions from half-baked scientists who know almost nothing.

Look at USA. The citizens be they black, brown or white, they are really proud of their country.

A quick glance of their policy will reveal the answer. In Malaysia, for a Chinese or Indian to be promoted to chief clerk is almost an impossible dream.

Blame it on the government and Umno.

3:29 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous fong said...

I am currently in one of the top UK universities. Here, we have arguably some of the best minds from the younger generation of Malaysia; many of the top scorers from all over converge here. Every year, around 40 of us enter the university, as undergraduates or postgraduates, and every year, around the same number graduate.

So how many actually go back to Malaysia to contribute their talent to the country? Safe to say, not more than 10 percent of the whole lot. Why? Because quite a number us are disenchanted by the system.

For those who have worked their guts out under the public education system, they just want to get out. This is especially true for those from lower and middle-income families who have to struggle beyond all odds, just because they are not 'special' punished by the system not because of their abilities, but because of their skin color.

Prospects for them to explore their potentials here in the UK after graduation are unhindered by any discriminatory systems.

What about the rest of the younger generation who are not so lucky? Many above-average Malaysian students are denied proper local tertiary education and end up being picked by universities from our neighbouring country (look for Singapore).

Hundreds of talented students are there because they were not given the proper opportunity at home. After graduating, most of them have to work in that foreign country for a couple of years and chances are that a great portion of them will not be coming back.

I have talked to a close friend from in a similar situation recently and he told to me that it is very depressing; in his own words, he said that he feels "like a destitute, unwanted by his own country" and yet he does not really feel as though he belongs where he is now.

Brain drain by the tank-loads is what we get. Every single year, Malaysia loses people who could potentially contribute to the country immensely.

3:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is difficult for gullible and meek voters to understand that their votes to the wrong candidate and party is a "lost" vote, meaning contributing to the collective loss of a minor community and even nationwide just like it is happening now. Like a drop of water in a tsunami causing devastating effects.

Whether we want to live standing on our feet or live on our knees, is a choice for voters. It's time to blacklist candidates, segregate them like toilets (i.e. clean or dirty) and vote them out in large numbers.

4:07 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad, really sad to see Malaysia in such a state. Things never change even after 50 years. Very soon Malaysia will be overtaken by countries like Thailand and Vietnam. We might see Malaysian labourers going to Thailand to work. Indonesia will remain poor because the government has the same mentality as the Malaysian government.

5:27 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Billy said...

AAB must be talking from his rear. Remember the recent case of a 27-year old Chinese guy who holds a TAR college (useless) degree but was denied the opportunity to serve the police force?

7:13 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Pak Lah, u r right, dun blame the PSC or the government, becos most non-Malay get more 'A's in their academic results than the Malay. Do u know that, the more 'A's, to the government means not as good as lesser 'A's. Didn't u see and read recently in STPM, SPM,....exam reported that '10A's Malay students get better treatment than '13'A...something like that...So, why complained?

7:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Outsider said...

When asked by journalists for his opinion on the Japan Times' report of Sarawak CM's Taik Mahmud's receipt of some RM32 million in kickbacks the PM said he was not aware of it. In other words the PM is telling us that he can lie in our faces and there is nothing we can do about it. The BN's victory in Machap is evidence of that. Malaysians are being f***** by UMNOputras and the former still cast their votes to keep those ass-holes in power.
Only the Lord - or maybe Anwar Ibrahim - can save Malaysia.

9:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pak Lah,

You must be high on drug! That's all I can say. The non-malay has been virtally wiped off the civil service. You bastards think that the only job you can give to Indian is sweeping roads.

You take Malay for every other damned positions. The morons will spend close to 4 hours at canteen and the balance talking about their husbands and wives.

I am sick of looking them at all government agencies. When Hari Raya comes you might as well close all department for 1 week. There will be no one, for heavens sake. If you at least take 40% of Bumiputras, the machinery will not grind to a halt.

Don't think you can say a few nice words to calm people when GE is near!

8:46 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AAB is a greater liar than Mahathir.

9:35 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pak Lah reminds me of a nursery rhyme:-

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,

He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.

He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.

And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

10:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know the crooked RM60 million house is located at 34,Bay View Terrace,Mosman Park, Perth.

10:26 PM GMT+8  

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