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Still No Justice For Housewife Molested By Cop Two Years Ago.

(The above image is titled "No one is above the law.")

It is reports like this that makes you angry with a system that is accountable to no one. The police, politicians and the highly connected it seems can get away with murder and there is nothing the ordinary citizen can do to get some justice. This sorry episode where a housewife is molested in the office of a policeman to whom she had gone to secure help to get her husband released from detention is a case in point.

After having made police reports against the randy copper and given the runaround for two years now she has been told that there is no proof and the case is closed! I wonder how many other women this horny bastard has molested or raped in the interim period.

Details from TheStar is published below.

***** For two years, a housewife lived in hope that action would be taken against a lance-corporal who allegedly molested her.

Last month, she received a letter informing her that there was no evidence to charge the policeman, formerly attached to the Pengkalan Hulu narcotics branch.

The 33-year-old woman told a press conference on Monday that she wanted the authorities to re-open the case as she was not satisfied with the outcome.
“I even moved with my family to Batu Gajah just to get away from that man,” she said. I want justice, that’s all,” she said crying.

In her police report, the mother of two said she went to see the policeman in his office alone on March 15, 2005, to secure bail for her husband who had been detained for a drug offence. She claimed that after 15 minutes, the policeman held her hand and tried to open the buttons of her blouse. Despite her protests, he groped her, squeezed her breasts and kissed her several times.

The woman said the policeman later arranged bail for her husband but continued to harass her with obscene phone calls and invitations to have sex with him.

When contacted, Pengkalan Hulu OCPD Deputy Supt Anwar Omar confirmed that the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s office could not pursue the case due to lack of evidence.

“Because of the allegation the policeman concerned was transferred to Johor last year. He also advised the woman to approach the DPP’s office or the state CID chief if she wanted the case re-opened. *****

Frankly I don't know what else to write about this injustice. Should we just keep quiet and allow criminal acts by the police to go on and on? How can the system be improved to prevent such things from occuring again? Any ideas?

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Blogger kittykat46 said...

The Malaysian public have made it abundantly clear that they do not trust the Police force to properly carry out investigations into misbehaviour or crimes committed by police personnel.
The creation of an independent IPCMC was a key recommendation of the Royal Commission on the Police force. But Dollah seems to lack the political will to pursue this.

Alternatively, some countries still allow police to carry out such investigations, but through an high-powered independent department which reports directly to the Chief of Police. That way, the Chief of Police cannot give excuses like "don't know" or "lower level officers screwed up the investigation".

What you never want to do is have the normal local police structure do the investigation into their own members. That is a recipe for a cover-up, and that's probably true for any police force in the world.

1:41 PM GMT+8  
Blogger NickTay said...

Malaysia at its best...sigh...

4:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Jan said...

If there is really no evidence, then the police cannot proceed charges. It is a travesty of justice to convict someone based on one person's testimony alone.

4:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous bayi said...

The Parliamentary Human Rights Caucus should look into this one.

8:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The government can install CCTVs and VCDs in the offices where the public conduct their dealing with the police.

That way, these bastards will not have the chance to pull off their despicable acts again.

10:56 PM GMT+8  
Blogger cks said...

The question is not really there is evidence to convict the person.If it is lack of evidence, then we can start an investigation, that is the purpose of court of law.We cannot deny a person, it is their right. Shutting her off by saying the evidence is insufficient is likened to telling the rapist " you can rape a woman provided no one sees it".

This whole episode is possible because the civil servant intends to cover up the whole ugly picture, after so many incidents of abuse of power; Chinese lady was orered to strip and squat, police involved in robbery, lockup was tortured and killed.

The interesting is that we are advocating for human rights for the palestinian. How can we protect other people when we cannot protect our ownself?This is pure lips service, and there are so many problems in the Government, yet our highly "clean" guy is not doing anything to rectify. He knows all these claims, but he just too busy with his internation agenda.

3:23 PM GMT+8  

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