Monday, March 26, 2007

Brilliant Malaysian DVD Pirates.

Never have our homegrown pirates of VCDs and DVDs been put through so much stress. All because of two dogs! While bribing members of our 'efficient' enforcement services was a breeze and didn't require any effort at all, dealing with pesky canines blessed with super-sensitive olfactory nerves to detect even traces of the pirate's ware was too much for them. While men in uniform and security IDs could have their palms greased with extra cash, how the devil do you grease a damned dog's paw?

After having recently lost a massive amount of bootleg DVDs to the sniffing talents of the American bitchs,(?) the crooks reacted, albeit confusedly, in the only way they knew. They put out a contract on the troublesome duo! However our officials having been alerted to this danger, sent their four-legged allies into hiding. Not easily discouraged despite the severe loss and their inability to get near the US born and bred Lucky and Flo, our brilliant Malaysian pirates showed their genius. If they couldn't bump them off, no problem, they'll just throw the dogs off the scent using chemicals! Details HERE.
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Blogger mob1900 said...

Well the 'Grease' can be smeared on the K-9's owner, after the previous successful raids, how much do you think they've paid for Lucky and Flo's contracts?

Good news is though, with the money paid for both the K-9's contracts, they're well-off for early retirement. All dogs does go to Heaven. Woof!

10:02 PM GMT+8  
Blogger freethinker said...

Y are the Thieves Smarter than the Cops Anyway ?


11:10 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mob1900 said...

'Coz the coppers have no access to CSI fan-pan dvds except maybe those from old raids!

12:22 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Singh said...

This just shows how wasteful govt dept are. The police have dogs to trace criminals and lost people and sniff drugs. The Narcotics Police and Narcotics Customs also have dogs to sniff drugs. Every dept has to expand to establish the supporting elements to cater for the dogs- kennels, dog handlers, Veterinarians, special vehicles and offices etc. Why can't Trade and Industry hand over the detection of pirated materials to the Customs, they are already there at the exit points and also regularly do inland operations.
No, cannot because of capacity building, justifications for higher posts, stature of Minister,... When will the govt think of building efficiency and less govt ?

9:12 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

This case illustrates the main reason why I think its so important to act against the DVD pirates, even if it is next to impossible to stamp out.

Some people think DVD pirating is relatively harmless. The fact is, the profits from this underground industry are feeding very large amounts of cash to organised crime. Don't be deceived by the friendly smiles of your neighbourhood DVD hawker. Many of the people behind the industry are really nasty, dangerous characters.

1:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haiya,Brilliant Malaysians mah...Come to me baby, come to my office and order pirated DVDs.Can't sell them outside, sell to the offices like me selling curry-puffslah! But stay clean , no blue films okay? Why pay more when the quality is the same.So,price original DVDs like the pirated ones, then everyone will buy original. Who to blame, salary no up up mah!

8:01 PM GMT+8  

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