Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'One-Stop' Website To Access Government Services.

The following report is from TheStar which is being published here for the benefit of those who might have missed it. With the current messy situation when you want to connect to several ministries or government departments with an unnerving number of URLs to remember, the kerajaan has decided to have the equivalent of a 'one-stop' website. Read the article and bookmark the site for future use.


Do you know how many Internet sites you need to click on when dealing with the ministries and government agencies in the comfort of your home? Surprisingly, the answer is just one.

The only website you need to remember to access a host of government websites and obtain information ranging from payment to complaints, applications, search and services, among others to answer hundreds of your queries is www.gov.my.

It is no wonder that the website has recorded about 2.5million hits to date.

The website lists down 395 online services of ministries, departments and agencies and 3,300 Government forms can be downloaded for free.

The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) is promoting the use of e-Government among the public. The services provided through the website is the Government's proactive way to help enhance the public delivery system.

Among the online services provided under the website include zakat, loan and quit rent payments, application to update mailing address with the Employees Provident Fund, application to the Museum Department to extend the archaeological search licence and to apply for foreign workers with the Immigration Department.

There are also “Quick Links” direct to the Government machinery, directory, tenders, job vacancies, public complaints and even to get information on the weather. Information pertaining to taxation, health, education, legal and family such as pregnancy, adoption and even marriage issues, are just a click of the mouse away.

Among the upcoming services MAMPU is working on currently are application of birth certificates with the National Registration Department and online registration of business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

There are efforts underway to provide the public with the ability to send application forms downloaded from the website “directly” to the relevant authorities instead of having it printed and submitted via post.

Currently most of the forms could only be downloaded and filled manually but soon, it could be filled electronically and submitted the same way as well.

MAMPU will actively promote the use of e-Government and would continue to promote the website to increase take-up among the public. The target group here are the business community, government departments and agencies, as well as foreigners.

Developing the use of short messaging system (SMS) to facilitate the public's dealings with the government agencies are also in the pipeline.

So remember to add www.gov.my to your favourites.
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