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Will Chinese Voters Support BN In Machap?

Our DPM Najib is so confident that Chinese voters will rally behind the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the Machap by-election in Melaka scheduled for April 12. Using unscientific extrapolation he said that the result obtained in the Batu Talam by-election in Pahang in January had proved that the Chinese were solidly behind the BN although certain quarters were always turning it (Chinese support) into an issue. What 'certain quarters' is he refering to? The DAP? The Chinese educationists? Or the latest whipping boy on the block, the bloggers? Or perhaps all of the above.

As if to preempt talk of dwindling support not only of the Chinese but the others as well, he clairvoyantly pronounced "there are certain parties trying to portray that the BN no longer garners good support from Chinese voters. The fact is that they (Chinese voters) understand very well that their wellbeing lies with the BN." Could Najib's gripe be just guilty conscience pricking him that what Umno has done over the past few years might not have gone down well with the rakyat?

Najib was responding to questions by reporters as to whether the Machap by-election would indicate the measure of Chinese support for the BN, after the failure of the BN in Sarawak in getting the full support of the Chinese electorate in its state election last year.

"I am confident that although Machap is a mixed constituency (majority Chinese), the support for the BN can be maintained... Sarawak was a different story, this is the Peninsular," he said. (What difference pray tell is it going to make if Machap is in the peninsular or in East Malaysia? Disgruntled people are all the same wherever they are and will react almost similarly whether in the east, west, north or south. Even if the electorate doesn't outrightly support the opposition, this is a good opportunity to use as a wake-up call and also as payback time for all the acts of omission and commission by the government.)

The Election Commission (EC) has fixed April 3 as the nomination day. The by-election has been called following the death its state assemblyman Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam. Following the general election in 2004, the BN has won all the three by-elections called since then, in Kuala Berang, Pengkalan Pasir and Batu Talam.

Najib also said that the BN win in Batu Talam was an endorsement of the leadership of Prime Minister Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and that the opposition's ploy to boycott it (Batu Talam by-election) failed miserably when the people did not heed their call (to boycott).

Meanwhile that small fry CM of Melaka, Mohd Ali Rustam gave his one-and-a-half sen worth of advice to the electorate to "Choose BN Candidate For Continued Development In Machap." He hardly has a choice in the matter but I'm sure he'll pray extra hard during Friday prayers. You see, if Machap falls, Ali Rustam's goose is cooked and will be served as appetiser before the next party elections. (I wonder who former CM Rahim Tamby Chik really supports in this by-election? After all if Rustam gets the boot there is a small chance for Rahim to make a back door entry, a position I'm sure the horny former CM is not too 'unfamiliar' with.)

But the real circus is yet to start. That happens on nomination day when like the clowns' parade, the candidates are brought in to file their papers. After that BN will as usual unleash its potent weapon, bountiful largesse, with the likes of Samy Vellu busily repairing and tarring old roads, installing streetlights and promising new structures and facilities, while Ong Ka Ting and company will go around preaching the BN mantra- "Only we can bring development." KJ will of course give the chinamen the slip, knowing full well that he'll be a liability in these parts, and concentrate quietly in the Malay areas hoping his Oxford magic will make up for his lack of political acumen. All in all, an entertaining period awaits us soon.
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Blogger fishtail said...

You are absolutely right! After nomination Day, Samy will go around repairing roads and pot holes, Ong will visit Chinese schools and give grants, and Curry will keep his big mouth shut (since it's going to be a Chinese vs Chinese contest) but hopes to work his Oxfart charisma among the rural Malays. But the Chinese will not support BN; having too much of being conned.

11:24 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just remember the Keris!

7:56 AM GMT+8  

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