Saturday, March 24, 2007

Khairy Jamaluddin Theorizes On Opposition Tactics In Upcoming Machap By-election.

KJ, the nation's first son-in-law, probably keeping in mind that he is an Oxford grad, came out with his 'educated assessment' of the opposition strategy for the by-elections in Malacca which was reported faithfully and in full by Bernama.

"The DAP will try to blow up the Gerakan-PPP spat to garner support in the run-up to the April 12 Machap by-election," the wise pemuda said. The intelligent one further elucidated that "the DAP would try to hide its own weaknesses by shifting the focus to the internal problems in BN.

"We all know the DAP will contest in Machap but Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has announced it will pave the way for DAP to field a candidate in this by-election on condition the PKR is allowed to contest in Machap in the next general election. This showed there is no understanding and cooperation among opposition parties while we in the BN although there are some bickerings, they're resolved amicably." (Aah what astuteness! What superior deduction! DAP must be shivering and quaking with fear knowing that their secret plans had been so quickly analysed and unravelled by that master tactician KJ! )

On BN's preparation the enlightened leader said, "at BN Youth level, there's no problem. Umno Youth was geared up for the by-election and had even identified specific areas where the movement would focus its attention." The brilliant Umno Youth strategist further confidently added, "we will go all out in our campaign to ensure the Barisan retains the seat with a bigger majority."

The seat, previously known as Bukit Sedanan, fell vacant following the death of BN assemblyman Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam, 55, on March 15. In the 2004 general election, Poh, who was also Melaka MCA chairman, beat DAP's Liou Chen Kuang by a 4,562-vote majority. Nomination is on April 3.

Now all that remains for us lesser mortals is to await with bated breath the results of the by-election and to see if the political-cum-psephological treatise put forth by Malaysia's very own genius extraordinaire, KJ, comes to pass. Wil he be proven right?
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cannot stop laughing la..check my blog for what i s for the news..keep it up!!!

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