Monday, March 26, 2007

Machap By-election: Barisan Windfall For Residents.

Oh how wonderful by-elections are! The goodies our caring BN government plies on the grateful citizens would bring a tear even to the most hard-hearted tough guy. You would probably not have met another group of such great people as our pemimpin, as they do their rounds, conscientiously inquiring into the needs of the fortunate rakyat who will vote in the by-election. Mind you this sudden concern has nothing to do with votes or any such trivial consideration. They are merely carrying out their sworn duty as leaders to keep the people happy and contented. If in the process the voters should plump for the BN it is just a coincidence. The government doesn't want unpatriotic forces and anti-national elements like the opposition to accuse them of electoral bribery. Far from the BN be any such intention. Altruism is their calling and raison d'etre.

It is precisely for this reason that the great MCA humanitarian, Ong Ka Ting visited Machap yesterday to look into the welfare and needs of voters, oops sorry, residents. Read a report on this from the mainstream newspaper, TheStar, one of the few approved by the government as carrying authentic news. (Please avoid reading blogs as they are unauthorized and don't have the approval of Zainuddin Maidin.)

***** Machap Umboo New Village villagers have always dreamt of having a multipurpose hall to hold big-scale functions. The wish of more than 3,000 villagers was answered when the late Machap assemblyman Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam brought the request up with the Housing and Local Government Ministry two years ago and had it approved. Yesterday, its Minister, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, visited the hall, which is under construction. It is expected to be ready this year.

After listening to the needs of the villagers, Ong said the ministry would allocate an extra RM200,000 for basic facilities and equipment for the RM800,000 hall. “MCA has been constant in serving the community. We will always do our work regardless of whether there is a by-election or not. We always listen to the needs and views of the villagers and continue to provide excellent service to the community. This is our party principle,” he told the Machap Umboo New Village residents here.

Ong, who is MCA president, said the ministry had earlier allocated RM150,000 and RM300,000 to the Machap Umboo and Machap Baru New Villages respectively. The allocations were used to upgrade the roads and drainage system of the new villages, he said.

It is Ong’s practice to allocate the required finances to upgrade the basic facilities and provide a better living environment for the people whenever he visited any villages. Ong went around meeting the villagers and urged them to support the Barisan Nasional candidate. *****
Now aren't you right glad to have such kind-hearted, generous and benevolent leaders like Ka Ting? However one thing that mystifies me is why should a political party like the MCA provide allocations to 'upgrade the roads and drainage system of the new villages' which should by right be done by the government. Isn't it odd that the MCA gives money amounting to RM450,000 to some committee in the area in order to get the job of 'upgrading' done, or do they? A funny system really! For all that wealth being spread around Machap, I suppose the government will get back its 'investment' in the form of more votes. Time will tell.
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Blogger patriot said...

We, the helpless country folks whose voices are always ignored would then resort to prayer. Praying for a by-election so that a lot of grouses can be looked into. For this is the only way the Barision government pays attention to us.

12:50 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haiz.... the MCA dogs is so pathetic... if want to lie, also lie smarter lah...

as the chinese saying goes, "even the blind also can see what is happening"

it's a damn shame to the chinese in machap if they vote for BN. My question to them is, "do you want to sacrify your son's and grandson's future?"

4:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day, fed up with waiting for their rep to kick the bucket so that a by-election can be held with all its benefits, the rakyat might decide to kill off the worthless rep. Was it the case in Kulim where the Keadilan candidate won in the subsequent by-election?

2:40 PM GMT+8  

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