Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Syariah Court And Non-Muslim Women: Sharizat's Views Clouded By Political Self-Serving.

Is Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Minister for all women or only Muslim women? Apparently she is very confused on this question. Either that or she is, in true Umno pemimpin style, playing politics just to gain a few extra brownie points at the expense of women who have been cruelly denied their rights by judges who cannot distinguish between their religious conviction and their sworn obligation to uphold justice without fear or favour.

According to her selfish logic, "it is not a problem that non-Muslims are made subject to the syariah court. The bigger concern is whether one can obtain justice in the court!" What kind of 'songsang'-minded conclusion is this? If Sharizat were a Hindu, I wonder if she would have had the same twisted opinion? It may not be a problem to her, but it is the biggest difficulty, headache and issue to every non-Muslim who is forced to go to a court they have no faith, belief or trust in. Put simply, non-Muslims have no confidence in Islamic Law and the syariah court system. Period.

Sharizat further refined her argument by saying, "it does not matter whether the cases go to the civil or syariah courts, the important thing for us in the ministry is that they get justice." When even Muslim women are screaming on a daily basis of gross injustice meted out by fossilized male brains passing off as syariah judges, what chance does a non-Muslim have?

It is easy for her to say that she would abide by the Court of Appeal's ruling as this was the system in place. Frankly what happened at the Court of Appeal, including the composition of the bench of judges, does not faithfully and honestly conform to the system as it was originally meant to be, and even if it is considered as complying with the requirements, it is a patently faulty one. It can be more accurately described as a rigged lottery. When Muslim judges are made to decide on cases that may have a profound effect on the practice of their religion versus the future well-being of non-Muslim litigants, without fail Muslim judges have let down the law and upheld their faith. Will the Federal Court and especially the Chief Justice have the courage to appoint a bench of non-Muslim judges to decide on these cases when they come up on appeal? Alas there won't be any answers to that. For such is the disgraceful state of race and religion in our country. Shameful.

Please read the entire report in TheSun, HERE.

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Malaysian Cabinet Minister Bernard Dompok's Opinion: Those who marry under non-Islamic laws should not submit to syariah court.

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Blogger team BSG said...

everybody today knows how shamful is todays Malaysian state of shameful affairs, sxcept those simpletons in the kampongs, and the pretenders of immoral morality.
Lets not talk bout those deep pocket politicians !

what thereafter ? the time is now now now ! make hay quick

7:56 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Outsider said...

Sharizat is a politian, and a mamak to boot. What else would you expect from such a person. Reports have it that she would have lost in the post-Anwar sacking general elections, if not the sudden appearance of bags of postal votes, allegedly from Malaysians situated in foreign countries.

8:17 PM GMT+8  

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