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Government Scholars - Opportunistic Ingrates?

The Advice:
Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed advised Malaysian students, including doctors, that money was not everything and that they should return home after their studies. On Tuesday (2/5/06), Mustapa said Malaysian students must have a strong sense of nationalism and patriotism.

The Statements:
UK Executive Council for Malaysian Students chairman Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Mohd Fuaad: Don't get us wrong. We are not mercenary. Money is not the main reason why Malaysian professionals and students choose to remain in Britain. Firdaus said that from his discussions with Malaysian professionals such as investment bankers and doctors, money constituted only 30% of the pull factor.

London Umno Club chairman Dzariman Ibrahim: work experience, exposure to the latest technology and access to the European market were among the pull factors. While money was an issue, it was not the main reason for not returning home.

MCA international affairs bureau chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng said self-sponsored students should not be blamed for not returning after completing their studies overseas. Government-sponsored students were bound by their scholarships to return and work in the country. β€œIt is their responsibility to serve the country which financially supported them. And they should be prosecuted if they do not come back.”

MCA Club Australia president Chan Wei Ming said the Government had to do more to attract the brains home. β€œA simple speech on nationalism and patriotism without any positive action is akin to baiting sharks with worms.”

**** Discussion: The main problem here is one - Malaysians who graduate overseas are not returning home as before.
However there are two equations to this single problem; Government scholars and self-sponsored students.

Government sponsored students have no business after graduating to talk about work culture, environment, access to better technology, exposure as well as job challenges and prospects. They and their parents should have thought of all this before gladly, but apparently not gratefully, accepting government scholarships. Having completed your studies you are duty bound to return home whether you like it or not. Public funds have been spent on you lot and we don't want to hear cockamamie reasons for your avariciousness. This group should be prosecuted if they still remain recalcitrant. They are nothing but opportunistic ingrates.

Self-sponsored students went overseas either because their parents could afford it, there was a dearth of places locally and therefore they had no choice but to go overseas or they had all along intended to settle down abroad. These people are in no way obligated to return to either work or serve here. It is to this lot that the Minister should appeal on grounds of patriotism and nationalism and NOT to ungrateful government scholars.

Post script: To all of you reading this, these are my considered views. You may have a different take on this, so please let us know.


Blogger gnoesnoohc said...

(i cut and paste my comment from the earlier post on the greedy doctors)

Dear all,

I am a PSD scholar in medicine in UK. PSD has given the final word for that matter in which students MUST come back to serve the nation. They are allow to be here at most 2 years (not verified) and that every one year you are here, you have to pay back 2 years' service to gov.

The thing is, most medical students stay here, coz they want to get the GMC(General Medical Council,UK) recognition, in which one has to practice in UK at least one year. This recognition is for important to further the medical specialist studies in UK later on.

But MARA?? Not a racial question, but more to standardising the rules and regulations. Most of the insuffiency of doctors occured in the rural areas in which Malays are dominant. MARA sponsors bumiputera students but allow them to practice there. They should be made MUST- together with PSD scholars, and regulate how many years maximum allowed to be here just like PSD.

Another point in which public may not know is that MARA sponsors most of the students to IRELAND, which is more expensive compare to UK (Scotland, North Ireland, England and Wales).

By the way, with no offence to UKEC, UKEC is not as 'executive' as the name implied. The survey is not done comprehensively and UKEC is dominantly based only in London. To say UKEC represent the 20K Malaysian Students in UK and Ireland is not VERY valid in reality, although that is their job, and i hope they can achieve it.

From: Student from Scotland

3:22 AM GMT+8  
Blogger silent said...

there is no two way around it, all goverment/mara scholar must return upon completion to serve the nation and all the self sponsored you are welcome to assist the malaysia towards vision 2020.

plselah dont give us all those kacang putih excuses...we are talking about taxpayers money here.

12:33 AM GMT+8  
Blogger H J Angus said...

Government scholars who refuse to return need to have the book thrown at them.

Guess if one digs deep enough you will find the children of many important people who have received the scholarships.

It is really quite simple to enforce. Refuse to renew their passports overseas.

Welcome to blogging!

3:16 PM GMT+8  

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