Saturday, July 12, 2008

Repeat Of 2004 Landslide Election Win By BN Possible, Says PM!


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has confidence that Malaysians can help Barisan Nasional win big in the next general election similar to the 2004 historical victory.

He also stated that the disastrous results of the March election was a blessing in disguise, adding that there was a lesson to be learnt from it all.

He suggested that if Malaysians could change their attitude and refuse to be beaten, repeating the historical 2004 general elections results was possible.

"I'm used to making history that leaders before me had not achieved. The 2004 general election was the best but the 2008 result was the worst which no leader before me had achieved," he said.

Together with positive thinking, he said, the implementation of objectives should also be in order to succeed.

"There are always challenges and lessons. Losing does not matter; there is a blessing behind all these. Don't poison our minds with ideas that kill initiatives and make us lose confidence in ourselves; think that we can do it and we will succeed," he said Saturday when addressing thousands of people from over 80 non-governmental organisations who came in droves to show support for Abdullah here.

Abdullah also suggested that Malaysians upgrade their standard of living, adding that there were many opportunities to develop and progress. He believed that he could help Malaysians, particularly the Malays, adopt a change of attitude and work towards progress.

He said three or four years before former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad retired, the latter had apologised in a party meeting stating that he could make many changes but not change the attitude of his race.

"Deep down I had told myself that if I am destined to be the next leader, I would work towards that," he said.

He told the people that one had to change and want to succeed while emulating the struggles of the disabled to live.

Abdullah ended his speech with three shouts of "Hidup Malaysia" and the people replied with "Hidup Pak Lah." (The Star Online)

***** Pak Lah apparently is much more optimistic than the average Malaysian about the fortunes of Umno and the BN. While the BN component parties are themselves increasingly worried about their relevance as well as their future role in the changing climate of politics, the PM's confidence must be pretty reassuring for them. However whether this confidence is founded on reality is of course open to question.

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Blogger Billy said...

You all have to excuse him. He made the statement while he was asleep, talking in his sleep, that is.

9:53 PM GMT+8  
Blogger ZACH said...

there is no way I will vote for BN even if i die and relive.

10:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous darcwil said...

I respect his speech. He has a good stance. He is true in his words, he can do a lot of things to change things... Reforms, changes, etc... But he certainly canNOT change the people's mindset or attitudes, like sir billy and zach up there.

Besides, if most of the people under BN are so used to Tun M's leadership, is it really a simple enough task to change these people's attitudes? Do remember the dirt and grime that is happening today can or might be attributed to 20 years of Tun M's way of leadership.

11:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous willy said...

I saw dat speech aso just now. Somehw feel AAB sounds more stern than usual yes? He wake up already? About time lor... Good also. If he's so nice also people take advantage and opportunity of that... Like that lah, if you are a nice person, people never know how to appreciate you. Same with you and me also lah! Brave on AAB!

11:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous madashell said...

Lets see now.......... corruption on the rise, petrol price increases, crime increases, high inflation and so on and so on. Yes we sure have plenty to thank Zzzdawi for. VOTE BN. 50 TAHUN MENIPU RAKYAT.

1:15 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not when Bodowi is still PM!!!!!
What a fucking dreamer, you fooled us once, you think we are going to be sodomised again by the likes of you and fucking Najib????
BN Hater

7:34 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take his comment with a pinch of salt, after all he just made an announcement that he will be stepping down in 2010 and thinking that he is a leader, he needs to motivate the party supporters and he got to say something stupid....and guess what? the supporters loved it!....what else do one expect from ignorant supporters anyway!

9:02 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take his comment with a pinch of salt? Nah, take it with a barrel of salt!

12:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous aadya said...

Any comment from a politician should be taken with a barrel of salt. Especially so when it comes to he parties who have no idea how hard it is to govern a multiracial country. Of course la they all can talk so much because they have nothing to lose and are just merely trying their luck! (I'm talking about our so called next anticipated PM in waiting)

Things are easier said than done. It even takes Tun M 20 years to actually leave a legacy and to set a pace to doing things right.

And for sir madashel, at least for 50 years there are some good that you yourself as a ciizen have. What's that compared to 100 days of PR infantry system?

3:54 PM GMT+8  
Blogger toyolbuster said...

This Fak Lah forgot many other history he has created as a PM that non other past PMs could rival. He made the most overseas trips, Sleeps all the time during official occasions, Family and SIL runs the country down for him, biggest private jet for his personal use,biggest lying PM, etc etc.

7:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He said "I'm used to making history". Let's hope that he and Najib will soon be history.

9:51 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

Pak Lah is a great believer in the Pendulum principle. According to this, Malaysian elections work on a 2-term cycle - so the next General Elections should result in a landslide for BN.

By the way, Pak Lah also practices numerology...kakakakak...

2:30 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Blacque said...

all these names AAB been called, sleeping-dreaming-flip-flop is convenient because ppl can't find something more damning, so it's really cheap shots. Optimism is exactly what the country needs right now, for better or for worse, we have better shots at trying to whip the already battered BN in place than hoping that PR will be in shape soon enough to form the government before the next GE..really, we are a nation that subscibes to democracy, let the power-transferring process happen democratically. Let the transition happen between Pak Lah to Najib happen as promised, and give Pak Lah the chance to fulfill his promises in the final 2 years of his tenure. been attacking him for so long, is it so bad to get optimism in exchange and see maybe just maybe, good things will be done?

3:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous ZZ said...

actually it is possible, if PR continues with their endless antics instead of taking this precious opportunity to show that they can do better and not waste the conditional mandate given to them.

3:56 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darcwil, after the BN's victory in 2004, Pak Lah went to sleep...he's still sleeping...maybe you should wake him up! Oh wait, you better get up first!!!!!
Hahahahahah...ya rite...another Lanslide victory for BN...ya rite!

4:28 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous sandyow said...


there might be a positive side to the lst huge loss in the last elections. If the BN manage to go through all the difficulties, it woulndt be so difficult to do so.

Saying so, PR should really count on some better measures to prove themselves to the public. Judging from their performance ad antics, it isnt all a bed of roses either.

6:06 PM GMT+8  

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