Thursday, July 10, 2008

No-Confidence Motion Against Pak Lah At 3PM Today

Opposition leader Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR- Permatang Pauh) is expected to file a no-confidence vote in Parliament against the Prime Minister under an emergency motion at 3pm today.

While there has been some speculation that a no-confidence vote was in the offing, this sudden announcement comes like a bolt from the blue.

What has prompted the decision to go for a vote at this point in time is unclear but suffice to say that PKR will not venture into such a risky move without considerable deliberation and some strong back-up. After the disappointing turnout at the recent rally to protest the fuel price hike, another poor performance by the opposition would not be of much help to its cause or credibility.

More on the above as events unfold.
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Update from The Star: Speaker to decide on no confidence motion on Monday

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Anonymous optional said...

Tak sabar2 nampaknya si Anwar nak jadi PM..bawak2 mengucap nuar..

3:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous wisdomthinker said...

Wow, now Wan azizah is going to file a no-confidence vote in the parliament against the PM.

Thats so sudden action by the PKR leaders. Now his wife is taking actions to create another shocking wave to the politic scenery in Malaysia.

Is this some sort of camouflage for her husband's sodomy case? Or is this the opportunity to pin down AAB as the government is dealing with heavy pressures from the public and the opposition protesters?

Or is Anwar so desperate of becoming the next PM by september 16?

Another new politic scene by PKR after the previous poor performance rally protest against the fuel price hike.

Its going to be mudslinging between the BN and the PKR. Battle cry by PKR!!

3:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous high 5 said...

I remember last week Azizah was so desperately appealing for "help" from Pak Lah for her husband's protection... And did she forget how close Pak Lah was to her family? But anyhow, politicians being politicians, what do they care about such things right? All that matters is for PR to be on top.

3:30 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Mankanan said...

Itulah hakikatnya..Anwar semakin desperate dan tak sabar2 nak jadi PM nampaknya Anwar ni.. Sekarang beliau suruh isterinya Wan Azizah untuk buat 'kejutan' terbaru yang nampaknya macam nak bagi rakyat lupa sekejap kes liwat beliau.. Kadang2 kesian juga kat Wan Azizah sebab beliau percaya bulat2 kat Anwar. Anwar suruh buat apa pun, beliau buat.. Tapi ialah, nak kata apa, isteri wajib taat dan patuh perintah suami (selagi tak bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam)... Begitulah kisahnya "Desperate Anwar"...

3:36 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Malvo said...

wow..wonder what's up now. a diversion? and this come right on the heel of SAPP saying they have been "misquoted" and that they will still press on with the motion?

3:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Mankanan said...

Apa-apa ajalah Anwar.. Lepas satu, satu.. Lepas ni apa pula agaknya ye.. Agak-agak masih kuatkah sokongan2 dari penyokongnya untuk 'no-confidence motion' yang Wan Azizah buat kenyataan ni, selepas kegagalan perhimpunan protes yang lalu, yang dicemari oleh aksi kotor oleh kumpulan underground kotor tu?

4:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say the speaker will not allow the debate and subsequent vote. So far he has not allowed anything brought up by the opposition, including the illegal migrants in Sabah, which is of utmost importance. To believe he will allow the motion of no confidence is expecting too much.
More than 50% of the citizens has no confidence in not just Abdullah but the entire BN cabinet. If the speaker has any balls at all, the motion will be debated, however whether Abdullah will be defeated or not is another story.
Disgusted citizen

7:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous willy said...

where did you get the fact that more than 50% not believe in Pak Lah? lol. psycho lerr... If like that sure PR win lah last elections liao! DOnt simply say la!

12:03 AM GMT+8  

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