Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Who Is Behind Kor Vigilante & Penguatkuasaan Kawasan Sungai Buloh?

From Malay Mail.

It apparently is a Sungai Buloh New Village mystery. No one that the Malay Mail Probe team spoke to could shed any light on Kor Vigilante & Penguatkuasaan Kawasan Sungai Buloh.

Located on the first floor of a shophouse in the village, the corps is also known as Perkhidmatan Tindakan Cemas Malaysia (Emergency Action Forces of Malaysia).

We stumbled onto the outfit when we were checking out stories about illegal immigrant workers in the village.
We decided to check it out since we had not heard of such a force. We visited the office several times over a one-month period but the office was locked during the different times of the weekdays and weekends that we went there.

Traders in the area said they too had wondered about it as they had not seen anyone entering or leaving the office.
One of them laughed when told we wanted to join the outfit. “That would be a waste of time. If you have any problem in your neighbourhood, call the police,” he said when given a concocted tale that a residents’ association wanted the corps’ help to weed out criminal activities in its neighbourhood.

***** Who are these self-proclaimed 'vigilantes'? It's surprising that the cops stationed at Sungei Buloh are not aware of the presence of these mysterious characters. Perhaps they are too busy guarding sodomy victims and investigating those who make sensational statutory declarations.

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