Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pak Lah To Retire In June 2010?

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will announce plans to retire in June 2010, a move aimed at ending months of political uncertainty that have unnerved investors, a news website said on Thursday.

The embattled premier is expected to announce the handover date to his deputy Najib Razak at a party meeting on Thursday, the influential Malaysian Insider ( said without citing sources.

Abdullah laid out a timeline "because he believed that setting a date would bring some semblance of certainty to Malaysia and reduce the level of politicking which has upset many Malaysians and foreign investors", the website report said.

The Malaysian Insider website is run by several individuals, including an ex-journalist, known to be close to Abdullah.

The policy-making body of Abdullah's ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party is scheduled to hold a regular meeting at 0700 GMT on Thursday.

A spokesman from the prime minister's office said he was unaware of any timetable for the premier to step down.

De facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim declined to comment on the report.

Abdullah has been under pressure to quit since the ruling coalition suffered its worst electoral setback in 50 years in a March poll. Growing discontent against his leadership, street protests against a fuel price hike and allegations of sex and murder in the government and opposition have rattled investors.

A resurgent opposition, led by Anwar, has been snapping at Abdullah's heels with claims that it has won enough support to form a new government by September.

The Malaysian stock market has lost more than four percent in the past week roiled by the events in the political arena. By 0246 GMT on Thursday, it was down 0.3 percent at 1,135.98 points. (Reuters India)

***** While one cannot vouch for the accuracy of that report, if true, it'll give some space for the PM to set in motion a couple of much needed reforms in the next 23 months. But whether he has the political will to do it is the million ringgit question.

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Anonymous wisdomthinker said...

Hello all,

Pak Lah to retire soon in 2010?

Is this a reliable source to believe? So much pressure from the protesters and opposition had forced him to make this decision?

If he believes that setting the date would bring a short term for the protesters and the opposition to cool down, people just have to respect his decision.

By then, he is going to pass over the helm to DS Najib, the son of the former prime minister in Malaysia.

May his retirement turn out to be a good one. I wish the best luck for him.

12:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous optional said...

Kalau betul pun maklumat ni, kita tak perlu lah bising..Kita semua perlu hormat keputusan ini, dan tidak perlu mendesak beliau lagi..

3:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Keyboard&Mouse said...

Well it's good for him to have a time line.If this news is indeed true then we should all respect him, he is still our PM.

3:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Warc said...

this can be a good thing. He knows he cannot stay on for long, and this knowledge is not new to him too. So I do believe he has the goodwill to put in place some good foundation that is beneficial to the people before he departs. He faces opposition from outside AND inside his party though, which makes it all so much more complicated. I don't think he's concerned about legacy building. I hope this can bring some stability and control over the current situation.

3:13 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous high 5 said...

Let Pak Lah clean up the mess left behind by the past leadership. It aint an easy task for his yes, but I bet Pak Lah is a more thoughtful and forward thinking leader to pass over the helm of the country when he feels he has already done enough to pass it on. Sorry to say, but the mess left behind by the last PM was the reason for most of the political scenarios hoo haa happening now. I feel Pak Lah is more responsible than that.

3:15 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous oOFooi said...

Don't think politicking will reduce. The PR is on the mode of attacking.

Hopefully, M'sia has improvement.

4:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Jeffri said...

Pak Lah bersara Jun 2010? Perkara ni kita dapat pastikan kebenarannya.. Mungkin ini hanya permainan parti pembangkang yang cuba timbulkan kontroversi.. Buat masa ni kita jangan terlalu percaya berita macam ni.. Kita tunggu dan lihat.. Kami sentiasa menyokongmu Pak Lah...

4:52 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Milo said...

Ini betul ke atau konspirasi lagi?
Tapi bagus juga Pak Lah ada time line.
Menunjukkan yang dia ni seorang yang merancang bukannya buat keputusan sesuka hati.
Bukan macam Anwar, asal ada peluang mseti beliau selit.

6:01 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having Najib takeover is like going from the pot into the fire. Instead of going forward the country will start to move backwards. Just as in the Philippines, they got rid of Marcos and see what the country is like today. Malaysia will go the same way unless we get rid of BN once and forall. Lets hope he gets kick out by PR before he retires, so we don't have to put up with another SOB as PM.
Doom Sayer

8:33 PM GMT+8  
Blogger PL said...

PM may be consider stupid when handling the economy....but certainly smart politically. PM knows Najib won't last the next two years with all the baggage he is carrying. Najib will be untenable by then, forcing Pak Lah to remain PM for another term. Pak Lah will then paved the way for SIL to the grand prize. Even if Najib do become PM, Pak Lah band of merry men would have suck the country dry. Eitherway, the rakyat are suckered.

8:38 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some questions to ask:

1)Why Pak Lah said he would only step down in 2010? Who decided for him? He himself?

2)Why TDM said again that Najib would not become the next PM if Pak Lah does not relinguish as PM now? Is he the only one who decides who is gonna be the PM?

3)Now guys, do u think we should let one or two or a bunch of UMNOputras or UMNOsultans to decide for the whole nation?

Who do they think they are? King makers?

Stop this nonsene!!

9:13 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two days is a long time in politics, just like the Bala's SD1 and SD2 case. Two years!!! It's like a century in political terms of changes.

The zoo? What will take place inside the zoo? And two years is certainly long enough for any son-in-law in the animal farm to build power base and zoom for a class one seat before propelling for the deputy.

Two years, and the baton will be passed. So much for our vibrant democracy, so we were told by the visiting kangaroo from another zoo.


2:12 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad news.

3:31 AM GMT+8  

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