Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Forget About Increase In Non-Bumi PSD Scholarship Quota

The Government will study the move by the Public Services Department to increase the scholarship quota for non-bumiputras to 45%.

"We will look at it first," Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told reporters Wednesday.

Najib was asked to comment on the move by PSD to increase the scholarship quota for non-bumiputra from 10% to 45%, which had created dissatisfaction among certain quarters including the Federation of Peninsula Malay Students (GPMS).

GPMS president Datuk Reezal Naina Merican called for the Government to review the move saying that it should be re-evaluated and scrutinised thoroughly.

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin who is MP for Rembau questioned the move saying that the quota was determined at the discretion of Yang di-Pertuan Agong who had the absolute power over the matter according to Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) vice chancellor Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad, who is former education director also questioned the basis of the department's calculation when raising the quota and whether it considered the racial composition.

The department offers 2,000 scholarships annually. Previously, 90% of them were offered to bumiputra students but the under the new scheme, the number for non-bumiputras is increased to 45%. (The Star)

Reezal Naina Merican wants the proposal 'reviewed, re-evaluated and scrutinised,' possibly because his entire family tree here and in Tamil Nadu is now categorised under Bumi rather than Indian. So why worry about the 'kaum pendatang'?

The nation's first S-I-L, silly Khairy
'questioned the move,' the same way that we can question his credibility and qualification to be the MP for Rembau, other than the fact of being married to the PM's daughter of course.

freebie-enjoying, rent-obsessed and out-of-turn promoted UiTM vice chancellor Abdul Rahman Arshad meanwhile 'questioned the basis'. Indeed he will. As one who won't stand a rat's arse of a chance of being a V-C in any other country in the world, he has his own axe to grind. But then again he's a pious 'nationalist' you see, and when he religiously prays the required number of times a day he will experience great solace, peace and comfort in knowing that he courageously and determinedly 'fought' to achieve his heart's desire - that even Malay millionaires' children will be given scholarships while the wretched offsprings of non-Malay rubber tappers, hawkers and others be forced to spend their own money for their education. For such is the disjointed thinking of those who subscribe to the racist ideas of eternal entitlement.

So what can we expect Najib to say but the obvious -- 'we
will study the move'.

With those 'brave' statements by the nation's pejuang2 demi bangsa, agama dan negara, you can fully anticipate that the mini sandiwara initiated by the PSD will be allowed to run its course before being declared as either dead or stillborn.

Sorry brudder, the more things seem to change, the more stubbornly they remain the same. But don't give up hope. Meaningful change, for all you know, may be on its way sooner than many think.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this surprising? NO!
As long as the BN (read: Racist)UMNO) is in power, nothing is going to change!

4:15 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Najib gives a Green light will you stopped attacking him using all the dirty trick you can think of ?

So far, I still unable to attack Najib for anything Big of Stupid.

The Sodomist is Gone Case.
The current PM is hopeless with not a single valid strategy to improve our country.

Tian Chua only knows how to ride bicycle. Lim Kit Siang keep asking for probe on stupid statutory declararation to waste police time instead of letting police tackling street crimes. Nik Aziz obsessed with girls and their lipstick.

Let see how Najib stands up against these people.


4:16 PM GMT+8  
Blogger PL said...

Why not reduce non-bumi taxpayers from 90% to 10% inline with the 10% scholarship quota. Then no one has ground to complain anymore. What say you, mamak-wannabe-malay

5:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Fiery said...

I'm getting wary of "change". So long as certain quarter hang onto their ketuanan we'll never see anything mildly resembling equality across the board here. Race based politics, how long more will it be around? when the races becomes not only a base but a fundamental, what equality for all races are we talking about?

5:36 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racism at it's peak !

2:50 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at how the snake talks. When you see a snake or Mamak. You kill the bloody Mamak. Mamaks are snakes. That black ass Reezal Merican can suddenly be baptised to become Malay. W t f?

Let me share a secret. 90% of the overseas scholarships are for Malays.

The 50% claim actually 10% for overseas universities and the balance 40% for foreign universities in Malaysia.

These JPA bastards love to twist the facts. I am 100% sure of this. The whole thing is part of the bloody Barisan Nasional's strategy.

8:28 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what you get for voting the friking Umno into power. The non bumis have themselves to blame and no one else. Just look at the racial composition at each constituency and ask yourself why is BN in power. If all the non bumis do not vote the bloody BN they will not be in power. So who fucked you ?
The mic and mca friking parties has to be blame as well, they claim to represent the indians and chinese, if they do, such disparity and unfairness will never happen. These assholes who represent non bumis only take care of themselves. They have kids at age 27 and is able to acquire companies worth millions, you wonder how they got so rich.
Najib is a typical racist pig, if he becomes PM non bumis will get even less scholarships. I like to know if KJ went to Oxford on government scholarship and how he became a super rich jobless MP? It would be nice to see his asset declaration, perhaps it all came from his wife.
If non bumis want to get some equality, just vote non BN parties and you may have s slight chance of getting a few more percentage points, otherwise you will continue to be sodomised by the BN government.
Sorry lot.

9:23 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say Najib is currently racist.
Please shows me something for me to BANG him.

KJ is an obvious ONE ... how the heck he got millions of shares in some company ... until now he cannot explained. So, no need try to convince us who KJ is. We all know. When Pak Lah gone .. he will be gone too.

So, give me something on Najib. I will check it out. Otherwise, my option is still on Najib.

Can you suggest who else can currently fit the PM place ?


10:07 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember the "kris will be bathe in chinese blood" !!! I strongly believe Najib has something to hide on the Mongolian murder case.
Right now sadly no one in BN is fit to be PM, if I have to choose, I will take my chances with Kuli.
The rest has tainted their name, one way or another.
Sorry Lot

10:27 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kris will bathe with chinese blood ? I can not find the full article on it.

Najib got something to hide on the mongolion case based on what ? RPK blatant lie ?

You have to give me more than that .


11:10 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellow Citizens,
It was recently reported that the Government will study the Public Service Department’s (PSD) decision to increase non-bumiputra scholarship quota from 10% to 45%.

“We will check it. We will look at it first,” Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told reporters He was commenting on the move by PSD to increase the quota for non-bumiputras which had created dissatisfaction among certain quarters.

Federation of Peninsula Malay Students (GPMS) president Datuk Reezal Naina Merican said the Government should review the move.

Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) vice-chancellor Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad, a former education director, also questioned the basis of the department’s calculation when raising the quota.

The department offers 2,000 scholarships annually. Previously, 90% of them were offered to bumiputra students but the under the new scheme, the percentage for bumiputras was lowered to 50%.

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin who is MP for Rembau questioned the move saying that the quota was determined at the discretion of Yang di-Pertuan Agong who had the absolute power over the matter according to Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

I would like to offer Khairy 2 lessons,
1) Lesson in logic-
it is pointless to refer to just 45% allocation of PSD to non-malays which is very small in the first place,
what about MARA scholarship, Petronas scholarship , Felda scholarships and many others that are exclusively or overwhelmingly Malay.
A relevant comparison would be to compare the total number of scholarships given out nationwide,
is the government ready to declassify this information ?

Education minister admitted for PSD it used to be 90/10, and offered the olive branch of 55/45 in the future,
he most likely did this amid calls to make PSD receipient data transparent, when pressured by component parties as well
as opposition, in short he avoided opening Pandora's Box", I doubt he did it out of sudden guilt or change of heart.
There has been mounting pressure calling for transparency of PSD scholarship awards, many have written about it including myself. This Article was published in The Sun and a number of websites and blogs.

Khairy should confer with Education Minister Hishamuddin, before he shoots of his mouth and puts his own party in a bad light.
He negates Hishamuddins attempts to reach out to the non-malays as the results of the March 8th elections this year,
a clear message has been sent to BN and specifically UMNO that blatantly racist policies will not be tolerated.
An injustice has been perpertrated all these years by denying many deserving students because they were all fighting
for a miniscule 10% allocated, and now Khairy is asking for the Yang Dipertuan Agong to help him perpetuate this injustice.
This is an insult to right thinking citizens as well as to His Majesty.
2) Lesson on how to read the constitution,
First lets look at what the constitution says , sorry to be long winded but please indulge me.
if its too long and tedious please skip right to the summary I have offered below.

Article 153
It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article.
Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, but subject to the provisions of Article 40 and of this Article, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall exercise his functions under this Constitution and federal law in such manner as may be necessary to safeguard the special provision of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and to ensure the reservation for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of such proportion as he may deem reasonable of positions in the public service (other than the public service of a State) and of scholarships, exhibitions and other similar educational or training privileges or special facilities given or accorded by the Federal Government and, when any permit or licence for the operation of any trade or business is required by federal law, then, subject to the provisions of that law and this Article, of such permits and licences.
(8A) Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, where in any University, College and other educational institution providing education after Malaysian Certificate of Education or its equivalent, the number of places offered by the authority responsible for the management of the University, College or such educational institution to candidates for any course of study is less than the number of candidates qualified for such places, it shall be lawful for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong by virtue of this Article to give such directions to the authority as may be required to ensure the reservation of such proportion of such places for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may deem reasonable, and the authority shall duly comply with the directions.
(9A) In this Article the expression "natives" in relation to the State of Sabah or Sarawak shall have the meaning assigned to it in Article 161A.

Article 161 A reads
(7) The races to be treated for the purposes of the definition of "native" in Clause (6) as indigenous to Sarawak are the Bukitans, Bisayahs, Dusuns, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayans, Kalabit, Kayans, Kenyags (Including Sabups and Sipengs), Kajangs (including Sekapans,. Kejamans, Lahanans, Punans, Tanjongs dan Kanowits), Lugats, Lisums, Malays, Melanos, Muruts, Penans, Sians, Tagals, Tabuns and Ukits.

The scope of Article 153 is limited by Article 136, which requires that civil servants be treated impartially regardless of race. Clause 5 of article 153 specifically reaffirms article 136 of the constitution which states: All persons of whatever race in the same grade in the service of the Federation shall, subject to the terms and conditions of their employment, be treated impartially.

Clause 9 of article 153 states Nothing in this Article shall empower Parliament to restrict business or trade solely for the purpose of reservations for Malays.


Alright then, let me explain in simple terms-
The constitution is just a framework, it does spell out exact quotas and percentages, clause 9 of article 153 infers though not explicitly,
that others shall not be deprived solely for the purpose of reservations for Malays.

As narrow as racially biased quotas go, by no fathom of imagination can allocating 90% of the quota to 60% of the population
be seen as fair and just, let alone REASONABLE.
Clause 8A while giving the authority to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong states that
"as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may deem REASONABLE"
Article 136 clearly states the case of impartiality and acts as a conscience to prevent abuse of article 153.

Further to this article 161A clearly spells out who the native beneficiaries are including the Malays but not exclusively,
In fact by virtue of the provisions in this article all the natives mentioned there can demand an equitable allocation.
I challenge the government to make transparent these figures.
The East Malaysians can also demand allocations be shared equitably with them.
If Khairy and GPMS are not carefull in their demands the East Malaysians will demand for their rights too.
As Malaysian we should be working on increasing the allocation so all can benefit, not fighting over
who gets what portion of the allocation which should be based on merit in the first place.

Reading articles of the Federal Constitution alone is not enough, one must understand the intent and spirit of the constitution.

Best Regards
Vijay Kumar Murugavell

12:58 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Vijay,
Perhaps now after your lesson, the friking so called OXFORD grad will understand the constitution a little better, what a waste of money sending this cuntz to Oxford. For the damned Najib, all he does is find ways to be PM and line his own pockets, he does not care about the general citizen. He uses religion and race to further enrich himself and his Dolly.
Time to vote off the umno once and forever, Malaysia will have racial harmony only after BN and particularly umno is gone for good. Next time when you cast your votes try to remember how you have been screwed by umno and BN. The future of your children is at stake.

7:54 AM GMT+8  

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