Monday, December 03, 2007

"Scrap Malaysian Temples Demolition Plan And Allow Legitimate Protests," Demand British Members Of Parliament

Members of the British parliament have demanded that the Malaysian government scrap plans to demolish Hindu temples and allow legitimate protests against it.

In a strongly worded statement, they have also urged the British government to take up the matter on their behalf and "make the strongest possible representation" to Kuala Lumpur.

The MPs' demand comes after the Malaysian police used force to break up protests by Hindus complaining of decades of neglect and discrimination by the government in Kuala Lumpur.

The police action has been criticised around the world.

"This House notes with grave concern the stated intention of the government of Malaysia to demolish 79 Hindu temples," said the House of Commons Early Day Motion that has been signed by 19 MPs so far.

The MPs called upon their government "to make the strongest possible representations to the Malaysian government, both to cease the programme of demolition, and to allow this legitimate voice of protest to be heard without physical interference."

The EDM was moved on Thursday by Stephen Pound, ruling Labour Party MP for Ealing North, and signed among others by Keith Vaz, the longest-serving Asian MP in Britain, and Ann Cryer, a member of the influential Home Affairs Select Committee.
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Anonymous Marginalised Malaysian said...

A Very BIG THANK YOU to all British MPs for supporting all of us marginalised Malaysians here.

6:03 PM GMT+8  
Blogger warta tua said...

Those MPs are silent on matter of Hindraf's demand for compensation from British Government. They are not really sincere in supporting the Malaysian minority. By harping on the issues of temple demonlition and street demo, they are trying to avoid the main issue. I appeal to the MPs to demand that the the British Government immediately compensate the poor Indians in Malaysia first.

9:34 AM GMT+8  

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