Friday, November 30, 2007

More Bullshit From Samy Vellu

From today's NST:
The prime minister is sympathetic and open to proposals forwarded to him by the MIC leadership concerning socio-economic ills affecting the Indian community. MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was very receptive to the proposals which were contained in a 12-page report entitled "Mechanism for Effective Delivery for the Indian Community".

He said the report was handed over to the prime minister in May.

"The prime minister even suggested including additional input among the proposals, so that all areas are covered."

Samy Vellu, who headed the committee that prepared the proposals, said they included investment opportunities, skilled training, micro-credit facilities, education, employment health and issues pertaining to temples.

He said Abdullah had directed his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to study the proposals and work with the MIC leadership to conduct periodic reviews to address the plight of the Indian community.

"The periodic review is to ensure that the proposals agreed to are carried out effectively," he said after chairing the party's central working committee meeting at the MIC headquarters.

Samy Vellu added that the proposals included budget allocations under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to ensure that the Indian community would not be marginalised when the country achieved its "Vision 2020" aspirations.

***** This is the same ruse that Samy Vellu had employed successfully on many occasions when Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister. By using the name of the top gun and putting words in the PM's mouth while directly implying that he (Samy) was instrumental in getting the PM to 'agree' to a whole load of goodies for his community, he has thus far managed to stave off accusations and challenges to his dominant position.

On not even one instance in the past and I'm sure this time too, will the Prime Minister himself confirm what Samy Vellu recklessly goes around claiming. His idea is to stifle discussion and smother any repercussions
arising from the Hindraf rally, to himself and the other power brokers in the MIC, by concocting stories about the benevolent leadership of the BN of which he is a leading member. This is how he has deviously tricked and lulled the Indian community thus far.

By shooting off his mouth in the past he has been a hurdle and a detriment to the progress of his community. I remember one instance of his indiscretion and boastful nature which occurred in the mid-eighties. When Rajiv Gandhi had come to power in India following the assassination of his mother Indira Gandhi, our man Samy Vellu using his position as leader of the Indian community in Malaysia managed to meet the Indian Prime Minister in New Delhi. Apparently among other things, he had briefed Mr Gandhi on the hardship faced by Malaysian Indians especially in the opportunities available for tertiary education. The new Indian PM had in all generosity and benevolence given firm assurance of immediate provision of places in their universities for Malaysian Indian students.

This braggart on reaching Kuala Lumpur immediately called for a press conference and arrogantly announced that he had obtained from the Indian PM special allocation of seats at Indian varsities for local Indian students. The allocation also included an additional fifty places at Indian medical colleges. The moment this idiot made that statement, the vultures and ultras in Umno, led by Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir created hell of an uproar demanding that the medical seats be handed over to the government to be distributed to Malaysians of all races (read Malay). At the end nothing came out of the New Delhi offer probably because the government of India got fed up of Samy Vellu as well as the heat his announcement had generated in KL.

So in the present situation too there is no way that Umno is going to give even an ounce of sympathy, help or privileges to the Indians. Rabid racism and fanaticism within Umno will see to it that all of Samy Vellu's claims turn out to be merely lies specifically meant to prop up the dwindling fortunes and prospects of this relic from the past who has long overstayed his innings in Malaysian politics.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If what HINDRAF did viz-a-viz petition is a slap on Malaysian Government's hand, it is really a slap on the dino Samy's face!

Now he is just playing politics to gain something out of the Indian's plight. Nothing is going to happen as fas as the man on the street is concerned.

Even if the Govt. wants to do something Samy will manipulate it to gain the max. benefit for himself and his cronies.

The public, I'm sure has not forgotten the Telekom Share scandal. The man is large enough to swallow the benefit meant for 1.8 million people for himself.

2:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous delirium said...

This guy is on a role now! he now is going to setup a phone number for indians to vent their griefs! A gift to indians after 50 a another 50 hopefully there will be someone to answer these calls!

PS-love to hear ur views on phantom a story on via kickdefella which is mindblowing!!

6:17 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

........the vultures and ultras in Umno, led by Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir created hell of an uproar demanding that the medical seats be handed over to the government to be distributed to Malaysians of all races (read Malay).........


Wasn't this AK bugger an Indian too.......?

Unless this bugger is too ashamed to be Indian albeit being a Indian Muslim ...........

10:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its good to shit him whosoever claim to be champion like this bullshit fellow ... we support you all the way to shit this braggart ..its a fart a real big fart ..seeing his big belly is enough to tell all his bull stories ... plus shedding croc tears !!!! DAMNED IT !!!!! can't hide his dirty, wicked crooked face ... looks like he is hiding behind saries ..bware women better get far away !!!!!!

8:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever the colors of our skin be it black, yellow, brown or white if we are born here we are the heirs and rightful sons ...this is our land and here we will live and die ... we eat here, shit here and will die here ... this is where we belong ... we are all birth here and our graves are gonna be here .. the cheaters, cronies, liars, swindlers, arrogant, wicked, power abusers HELL is waiting if they do not repent .. those who do not fear HELL ... the Judgement Day will come like a flood you cannot escape .... the innocent and poor are crying everyday and GOD hears so beware and be warned !!!!! NO one can escape death who who can stop and who can tell what the next minute will be ... go and keep doing wicked and a reminder you will be the cause of your generation curse too!!!!! no riches no charity no power can save you from this terrible SINS so BEWARE HELL GATE IS WIDE OUT THERE FOR YOU ...

8:31 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

true and genuine high quality Malaysians are always peaceful, loving, caring, compassionate, helpful ..true Malaysians are hate being bias, revenge, wickedness like killing, robbing, cheating, bullying, fanatics, racialist, short-sighted vision and brains in scrotums eg like bloody bombers, corrupted and abused of power and authority ... double faced devil with twisted tongue of a snake .. TRUE ORIGINAL MALAYSIANS ARE HUMANS WITH INTELLIGENT BRAINS ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD FOR PROGRESS NOT 20 STEPS REGRESS !!!!!!

8:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you my friend for creating this space for me to comment ... I am a Malaysian 100 per cent ... this is 'MY MALAYSIA' ... true born Malaysians will give thanks every day when they still breathe, have shelter, food to eat, work to do, at peace have friends to chat, to encourage, motivate and extend help to protect the weak, sick and the poor, not being selfish .... true Malaysians will dare speak out against evil ..the dark cannot hide when the light shines!!! TRUE MALAYSIANS ARE ONE ... BELIEVE IN FREEDOM INTEGRITY AND RESPECT FOR ONE ANOTHER NOT DIVISIONS, NOT RACE, NOT RELIGION NOT POLITICS NOT COLOUR

9:12 PM GMT+8  

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