Monday, December 03, 2007

Samy Vellu Should Be Given Honorary Umnoputera Recognition

It seems that Semi Value has finally come to realize that push has indeed come to shove and he will use any desperate measure to stay in power, even making one illogical claim after another.

Yesterday this numero uno of the Indians in Malaysia reportedly said that the accusations of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) against the government were made 'blindly' without considering the 'progress' achieved by the Indians in the country and that he was prepared to explain to the people regarding this said progress to counter the 'baseless' allegations.

And by Samy Vellu's 'high' standards, to prove that the Indians are successful and indeed overachievers the clinching argument he has rhetorically put forth is, "is the Indian community in this country deprived of clothing, jobs and meals?" Yup, that's it! You have a roti canai or tosai for breakfast, a couple of shirts and trousers or sarees and a steady job tapping rubber or doing 16-hour shifts as a security guard, you're AOK tambi. What more do you want? You should be thanking God and the MIC for fighting so hard to get you these privileges. Spoken like a true pemimpin, our Semi Value, the nation's first honorary umnoputera.

While Samy Vellu is publicly revealing that he has basically lost it, that numbskull Naz(r)i has come out with another gem of a statement - "it is not wrong for the government to deny a small group of people their rights in order to protect the fundamentals rights and freedom of the majority in the country." 40-50% of the population to this idiot is a small group of people!

Also jumping into the fray is that notoriously corrupt CM of Malacca who barters datukships for Umno delegates' votes and sells them to towkays for a considerable sum of RM. This crook wants "stern action, such as detention under the Internal Security Act or revoking of Malaysian citizenship to be taken." In his tiny graft -ridden brain's reasoning it is OK to loot the country blind, indulge in bribing and skullduggery but it is seditious to let the world know of these high crimes.

With these type of 'leaders' where will the country be in 2020? The very thought is frightening.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just look at Semi Value bulging stomach and you know what the re are so many poor Indians .

11:43 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But first he needs to become a honorary mamak by circumcision and changing his name to Mat Samy a/l Abdullah Veloo

12:26 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Sayang Sami said...

This is a disgusting idea. Samy Vellu is a fine gentleman. He should be given the Pingat Utama Kerhormatan Istimewa right now. he has sacrificed a lot for the Indians. he even got a hair transplant so that people don't say their boss man is a botak. Such sacrifice, such hair.

11:07 AM GMT+8  

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