Friday, November 30, 2007

India To Take Up Tamil Issue With Malaysia Via 'Diplomatic Channels'

With ethnic Tamils under attack in Malaysia, the Indian Federal government on Friday told the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) that New Delhi was taking up the issue with Kuala Lumpur.

"The matter is being taken up through diplomatic channels," Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Suresh Pachouri told the House during Zero Hour.

He was responding to the concerns of members who took strong exception to a senior Malaysian minister asking Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to 'lay off' from the happenings in that country.

Terming as condemnable the ill-treatment being meted out to ethnic Tamils, Pachouri said that after the matter was taken up with the Malaysian authorities, the External Affairs Minister would make a statement in the House.

Raising the issue, R Shanmugasundaram of the DMK drew the attention of the government to the statement of the Malaysian minister about Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister. "This is highly condemnable as the Malaysian minister has no business to talk like this. The government of India should take appropriate action," he said.

Bharatiya Janata Party member S S Ahluwalia demanded that the Malaysian envoy to India should be summoned to explain.

Congress leader B S Gnanadesikan expressed serious anguish over the manner in which the chief minister was snubbed by the Malaysian minister. He was joined by his party colleague V Narayanaswamy. (Rediff News)

Interesting report:
Malaysia's biggest liability is racial discord.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

loud mouth

whats your next move? more venom from your unwashed mouth?

9:50 PM GMT+8  
Blogger BrightEyes said...

I wish this Indian government will butt out and stay out of our internal affairs. We don't go barging in and interfering with other countries problems like...

- Israel & Palestine
- Mindanao
- Southern Thailand
- South Africa (Apartheid)
- Bosnia
- Singapore we?

4:46 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

which planet is brighteyes from?
Wake up and do some proper reading and research. We are in the IT age.

Here's what one daily said:

"The situation is far graver than understood. India faces another erupting ‘Sri Lanka’ in Malaysia. The problem in Sri Lanka is the manifestation of a majority ethnic community continuing centuries of human rights abuse and discrimination on a minority ethnic group. India as country did little to support the Tamils that want justice. Now it is too late. The civil war in Sri Lanka is real.

A similar situation is arising in Malaysia. The Indian communities in Malaysia are abused for centuries. The human rights abuse goes well beyond a few cases. It is an attempt by the majority ethnic groups to literally exterminate the Indian ethnicity in Malaysia.

India wonders what can it do? "This is a matter which concerns us. Whenever people of India run into difficulties, it is a source of concern," says Indian PM Manmohan Singh. This is exactly how Gandhi family in eighties neglected the situation in Sri Lanka. It finally blew up on the face of the Indian Government. Today it is a full fledged civil war.

India must rise and tell the Malaysian authorities that human rights of Indian ethnic communities will not be tolerated. India should threaten militarily and economically. Fiscal, trade and diplomatic boycott is the first step. Indian Navy should be authorized to use all means including serious blockades to make the Malaysian authorities know that India will not tolerate ethnic abuse of Indians in Malaysia.

Malaysian authorities do not understand the slogan of decency. They do understand the tone of military threat. It is time India moves for the Indians. It is time India tells the world stop abusing Indians." Unquote

Malays are the rejects of Yunan and Indonesia and have usurped the original owners of Malaya i.e. the Orang Aslis. Lazy to the bone marrow, stupid donkeys aping to be stallions, how pathetic.

10:10 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Crankshaft said...

Actually Anon @ 10:10 AM MYT, you're the one who ought to wake up and do proper reading. Or try and understand what brighteyes just said.

It's really embarrassing when you make conclusions without getting the full picture.

Your reference is also flawed with this statement:

The human rights abuse goes well beyond a few cases. It is an attempt by the majority ethnic groups to literally exterminate the Indian ethnicity in Malaysia.

The Malaysian majority is not trying to wipe out its citizens of South Asian descent. It just considers them less of a priority.

And brighteyes, I really did laugh out loud. That's quite a bit of research you've been doing. :)

7:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey brighteyes..are u blind or what..since when singapore interfere in your country internal matter..oh gosh..wake up as its your very own country people who's asking help from other country. So please get the facts right brfore you open your mouth. Do not anyhow accuse other country..Blame on your country as they cannot settle the issue until now..BRIGHTEYES get a life & WAKE UP..

3:22 PM GMT+8  

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