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"Government Doing Its Best For Indians," Says PM. How Accurate Is His Claim?

There is a report in the NST today headlined 'Government doing its best for Indians, says PM', where Pak Lah has apparently 'blasted' Hindraf’s claims of the mistreatment of Malaysian Indians as lies intended to divide the races and destroy the country’s peace.

He took grave exception to a memorandum asking the British government to lead an international condemnation of Malaysia’s “atrocities” against Indians. “Hindraf is making baseless allegations and wants the United Kingdom to move an emergency United Nations resolution condemning ethnic cleansing in Malaysia. Tell me, do you believe there is ethnic cleansing in Malaysia? Is there ethnic cleansing, tell me? If this happened, I will resign,” he is reported to have said.

"Even the Indians who are Hindus do not believe it. Ethnic cleansing was perpetrated in Bosnia where the Serbs attacked the Bosnians to chase them out and make them non-existent. It was backed by the state. We do not do this here,” he added.

The unfortunate part of Pak Lah's reaction to Hindraf's memorandum is that while he is understandably angered at the false claim of ethnic cleansing which for the record I am positive has never taken place here, he too like the rest of the Umno leadership obstinately refuses to acknowledge the serious wrongs that have been visited upon this and other minorities in Malaysia. While he has cleverly latched on to the 'ethnic cleansing' bit, he has totally avoided addressing the crux of the issue at hand which is the discrimination and marginalization of an entire community by the Umno-led government. He has also not given an inch of acceptance to the main points raised by the Hindraf.

He too probably feels that the serious misdeeds of Umno in the name of bangsa, agama dan negara, the refusal to bring to a close the extremely racist NEP and the resultant precarious state of inter-racial unity are all justified, essential and acceptable. In the minds of these pemimpin, Umno can do no wrong and this is how the country will continue to be administered, despite whatever 'unjustifiable and unreasonable' demands the 'wealthy' non-Malays may make. Therefore the PM has no case to answer, there is no real problem and the so-called issues raised by the non-Malays are without basis. And those who bring up these 'irrelevant' matters are ungrateful troublemakers, traitors to the nation and terrorists.

While our government takes an enlightened view on foreign crises like the Palestine issue, the Iraq quagmire and even the 911 attacks, consistently urging western powers to look at the ROOT CAUSES for these problems, why then is it pretending to be blind and obstinately refusing to even consider the root causes behind the dilemma faced by minorities here? Is there one rule for foreign problems and another for homegrown ones?

Umno today is representative of the proverbial immovable object. The nascent public protests are the precursors of tomorrow's irresistible force. If the feudal, self-serving mentality which pervades the party leaders does not make way for more realistic and fair policies, then be prepared for a battle royale in the not too distant future between umnoputeras on one side and the rest of the country on the other.

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Interesting fairy tale: Government Never Ignored Minority Races In Malaysia, Says Nazri.

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Blogger kesava said...

Stupid idiot bodo wee wee. As an indian i can bring out countless indians who support hindraf. Others:

Repression of Malaysian Hindus unacceptable: Anwar Ibrahim

Mumbai (PTI): Anwar Ibrahim, former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, on Saturday condemned Kuala Lumpur's crackdown on protests by ethnic Hindu citizens last week describing it as "unacceptable".

Talking to the media at the Islamic Peace Conference here, Ibrahim also defended reactions in India, saying that "every country has a right to express its views diplomatically."

11:23 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Crankshaft said...

Yeah, me too kesava. I know heaps of Indians for whom HINDRAF has attained demi-god status.

My response is in here:

Government Doing Its "Best" For Indians

1:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Straighttalk said...

The current government has evolved into greedy monster ..out of control. This legacy, NEP, and allthe special previleges for the chosen few was something the current PM inherited and has todate shown no political will or ability to control. So what happens, the poorest of the poor,the weakest section of the population is kicked,and abused big time. Someone once said the measure of a civilised society is how they treat their minorities..and it is sad to see a nation being torn apart by its greatest gift..its diversity.

6:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple to judge how accurate or mere lies. Compile a list of current status of the plight and a record of UMNO/BN assistance, balance sheet. Simple like what the government had achieved for Indians. Look at the conditions of the Tamil schools, how many temples demolished, quaota in government civil service...etc.


11:44 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Sokong AAB saja said...

This Govt is good to the Indian. See Samy Vellu. Every Indian can be like him if they work hard to help this government. Can have a big, pretty wife, not like the skinny estate ones. Join MIC now, even if people call you MICe for that. Then get friendly with all the UMNO people, etc. You get the idea. Then the Govt will good for you, dear Indian.

11:10 AM GMT+8  

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