Saturday, December 01, 2007

Najib Says "Govt Not Racially Biased & Its Actions Benefit All Communities". Is This Really True?

The Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition will look into legitimate concerns of the people and ensure that the government's actions will benefit all communities, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Friday.

He said the recent demonstration in the Malaysian capital were politically-motivated, referring to the attempt by the Hindu Rights Action Party to take to the streets without a permit to deliver a memorandum to the British High Commission.

"What you're seeing is an exploitation in the wake of the forthcoming general election," he said in reply to a foreign journalist at a news conference after meeting fund managers here.

"If there are legitimate concerns, the Barisan Nasional is committed to addressing such concerns," he added. Najib said if the government had been racially biased, it would not have been returned to power in every election. (Bernama)

***** The very fact that Najib qualified his claim by saying "i
f there are legitimate concerns of the 'people'," shows that he does not consider the suffering endured by the deprived as genuine and has neither the interest nor the inclination to help the downtrodden of other races. Only when the umnoputeras come out of their self-imposed denial and accept that what they have done thus far and are still adamantly insisting on doing is absolutely the wrong way to inculcate and foster inter-ethnic unity, can this country truly claim to be democratic, just and stable.

But going by the way that Umno, using the government and party controlled mass media, is demonising the legitimate grievances of a very deprived lot and unconscionably claiming their cries for help as '
politically-motivated' only goes to show that Umno has not learnt anything from this episode and is unlikely to do so in the future. Such refractory thinking has infected the entire party from its leaders to the grassroots. They have become selfish to the core and impervious to the misery they have subjected large sections of our population.With this kind of racist ideology being practiced and the jaundiced political stance taken by the pemimpin, frankly Umno leaders have forfeited their right to represent all Malaysians. Either they should change the way they have been running and ruining this country or else we should change them through the ballot box if and when our elections get bersih-ed.
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