Friday, March 30, 2007

How Did This Dunce Make It To Parliament?

Another low IQ tin-pot dictator in the making spoke in Parliament yesterday and he wants the government to find ways to curtail bloggers from 'abusing' the Internet to spread lies and defame the leaders! Ismail Sabri Yaakob, a Barisan Nasional nitwit representing the parliamentary constituency of Bera further added, "we notice that a lot of bloggers have been sowing the seeds of discord among the races, religions... I believe there must be a limit."

Almost reflexly this apparently intellectually challenged Yang Berhormat gave the age old and primitive remedy for things he can't or doesn't want to understand (the when in doubt, cut it out mentality) by opining that there ought to be a law governing bloggers like those imposed on the print and broadcast media!

The one sane statement from him at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday was, "the people believe more in the bloggers than the newspapers." He did hazard a guess why this is so by saying, "I am aware that a newspaper was censured by the Internal Security Ministry for publishing a sensational story but the bloggers could continue churning out 'malicious' stories." In other words the mainstream media is muzzled therefore no one believes them and since the rakyat trusts the blogs, the government must, in true 80s and 90s style intolerance, shut them out. Great going Ismail Sabri! Zainuddin Maidin would be proud of you. Who knows, an appointment at the Information Ministry may be in the offing!

Ismail Sabri is not alone in being afflicted with this intolerance malady. So used are these people to the repressive era dating back to Dr Mahathir's premiership that they haven't come out of the sheltered tempurung to see that things have irreversibly changed. If the blogs feel that some leader is doing wrong, then his or her wrongdoing will be published. If reporting this is considered by Ismail Sabri and his ilk as 'malicious,' so be it.

Another BN MP Hasni Mohamed, a pontianak from Pontian felt that cable television network Astro should come under the purview of the Broadcasting Act 1998 under the ambit of the Information Ministry and not under the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry.

He said this was to ensure that Astro would adhere to local values, culture and needs. Looks like any successful private enterprise, especially non-Malay ones, which are not indirectly owned by these greed merchants should come under the purview of some law or other to 'preserve' or 'reflect' local values. First Air Asia and now Astro.

All I can say to these MPs is I don't know how you chaps got selected to the august House but as long as you keep your trap shut, no one will notice. Start making illogical speeches and you'll be shown the door in the next elections. In the meanwhile if you've committed some crime or broken a law be sure to look up the blogs now and then, for you wont know when your name might come up for 'malicious' discussion.

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A must read for all bloggers: Blogging Freedom of Speech: Can You Really Say Whatever You Want?

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Blogger kittykat46 said...

You would be surprise at how many Umno types actually support the views of people like Sabri and Hasni. When in doubt, reach for the law to surpress and control.

Too bad the technological genie is now out of the bottle. The only effective step the government can take to prevent people from blogging and reading blogs is to restrict internet access - which they definitely do not want to do. Oh, they can and probably will soon, round up a few prominent socio-political bloggers on trumped-up charges.

Astro is actually subject to censorship and self-censorship. "Undesirable" scenes have been snipped off and shows touching on "sensitive" subjects have been substituted. Apart from that, the Channels are showing what the subcriber paid for, 24 hours a day. I guess these guys are mighty uncomfortable with the concept of paid satellite TV, not being able to dictate the content.

Personally, I do have misgivings about Astro. My kids love watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. There's excellent age-appropriate shows and quite a lot of educational content.
But its all Western culture, and I don't want my kids grow to be "bananas".
So I do strictly limit what they get to watch on Astro. But that's just between me and my children. The government should stay out of trying to control it.

2:25 PM GMT+8  
Blogger cks said...

These politicians asking businessmen to expand internationally, think outside the box, and yet, they are so introvert and closed mind. I suggest the posts be replaced by 17 year old teenagers, maybe they are more international and think outside the box. Shut up!! if you do not know the function of blogs.

3:39 PM GMT+8  
Blogger koh said...

Our national zoo has many dunces who made it for their strengths, unfortunately not related to their being "glocals" but excellent qualities in currying-favor, polishing apples (our Malaysian context) meaning durians. Not easy to polish durians, anyway, hence, their being selected into parliament. But the greatest fault are Malaysians who voted them in. In short, their constituencies have many dunces too. There is no political culture here we are proud of, except these dunces are good in whinning, blaming and complaining. The BN representatives are good in the BN policy, meaning Blaming Nasional. Full stop

4:13 PM GMT+8  

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