Monday, November 13, 2006

Never Ending Policy (NEP) Is Never Going To END.

Well that's the distinct impression I got on reading what the Prime Minister had to say on the issue in Parliament. That report here: Malaysia will always need a policy and agenda on fair wealth distribution as long as the economic disparity among the races exist, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He said the policy and agenda were crucial to ensure fair economic participation of all races, as well as to guarantee continuous national solidarity.

"The effort to correct the economic disparity involves several steps or affirmative actions to raise the economic and education achievements among the races, particularly the Bumiputeras, so that they are comparable with the non-Bumiputeras," he said in his written reply at the Dewan Rakyat here Monday.

Abdullah said the affirmative actions covered several aspects in the economic distribution that had not achieved their objectives in areas like corporate equity ownership, professional manpower and income disparities.

"This includes reviving the New Economic Policy (NEP), and raising the commitments of everybody in implementing the basic strategies, namely poverty eradication regardless of race and restructuring of communities to wipe out racial identity according to economic function," he said.

Abdullah said it was due to this awareness that the government gave emphasis to the Bumiputera economic performances in the Ninth Malaysia Plan by introducing and implementing more effective strategic measures. (BERNAMA)

**** Well the top man has spoken and this time he means what he says. So all of you fabulously wealthy rubber tapping and lorry driving Chinese and Indian labourers, if you have any selfish ideas of this noble policy being stopped before our people are at least equal to you in affluence, please forget it. Although we have mysteriously not improved ourselves despite decades of the Never Endi.., sorry, New Economic Policy, we are hell bent on doing so now. We are correcting the historical imbalances that have left us penniless, without our own homes and our children not even having seen the gates of our world class universities. You all have monopolized everything, cushy jobs, millions in the bank, huge share portfolios and thrown the crumbs to us.

Your children get admission to the critical courses in our varsities by this strange thing called sheer hard work. Don't worry we'll soon find out what that is and I'm sure the government will do all this sheer hard work on our behalf. I'm sure our kerajaan knows how difficult it is for us to make ends meet, even those of us who drive Mercedes and BMW, spend our summer holidays in Europe and speak in fake American accents. Despite having millions in the bank and in shares we are the real unfortunate downtrodden ones, cruelly left behind by you people historically and therefore need all the help our benevolent leaders can give us. And we are especially glad that the PM sees this truth and has emphatically stated that "Malaysia will
always need a policy and agenda on fair wealth distribution as long as the economic disparity among the races exist." Yes it does exist. We are the have-nots and you are the haves. Period. No more discussion please. Its seditious you know!!



Anonymous Robin Goodfellow said...

To The Malaysian, in relation to the article you wrote, I would like to point out an article appearing in The Star, 13 Nov 2006, Page W39. It is an op-ed article written by Riaz Hassan titled \'Today\'s Islamic world risks intellectual stagnation\'.

You may wonder on how such a titled article could have any correlation with what you wrote, please check out the second paragraph, in which Malaysia is mentioned. Let\'s just say this is one of the effects of Stalinist NEP. FYI, the communist Soviet Union under Stalin did have an NEP, and it was also called NEP. In Russian, of course.

With such, uhm, impressive ranks and overall scores (coupled with a closing caustic comment by Mr. Riaz), by the time the Never Ending Policy actually ends, the only form of higher education that will remain available in this country would be The Kindergarden. Period.

Sigh. 22 years of excellence and some sort or such, I did gather and read. With a tear in my eye while trying to stifle my laughter.

6:50 PM GMT+8  
Blogger devonic said...

NEP..The Never Ending Problems for the rest of poor Malaysian...Name it,it really doesn't matter what race are you,if you are still poor, NEP never reached you.

For those son of the soil,as they proclaim,they are at the receiving end.They never grab the oppurtunity given.The only oppurtunity given was only to the people in the governing party,come to the sense.So are these poor people to be blamed..?

For those non-M**** what does NEP beholds for them...nothing..just another pain in the b***.

To be a excellent citizen in a non-M**** society is very difficult and to achieve it without any assistance is even more harder.
How many Non-M**** parents out there have to sell all they have,to just send their excellent kids for a proper education centre,while the M**** can have their meagre kids hovering in the public Universities.And many of this intelligent kids have nowhere to go and end up as the nations losers

At least if the M**** have NEP,crete a NEP to other societies too,so they won't be left out in cold...
Not all C*****se and I****n drives BMW or Merc around and have millions in Swiss account..Help them too...

8:16 PM GMT+8  
Blogger toniXe said...

Actually they already have their contingency plans on stby mode, if anything they can always invoke the cannot-fail-one ChowKit charter (of the killing kind).

NEP as far as I am concerned is a subtle red herring to con over-suffering other marginalised( but law abiding) communities. In truth it is a form of pseudo tax (remnants of the feudal system which is already outlawed in modern democratic countries) but reused by the rogue UMNOrians to good effect to xtract maximum blood from the pariahs ( non-bumis). All the religious and moral grandstandings of late are part of this con job and diverting strategies.

We are dealing with gangsters masquerading as holy men.

Remember Osama/Saddam ? Sounds familiar ?

9:46 PM GMT+8  
Blogger devonic said...

I always wonder,all said about this NEP,do all the B***P**** out there support them.

Come on guys,is it right to discriminate other's right for a lot of matters notably education.

As Malaysian's we always champion the right,to practice our human rights.
We shout when US discriminates others especially Afro-American.We were vocal against the Apartheid system,we are still championing for the rights of Palestin folks.

But at all times we forget the near same scenario,lies in Malaysia's scenery.

Are we just closing one eye or arenwe just unaware of the same rights are violated here.
I know these special rights were gained through the Independence deal.But it's absurd that after such along period these condition still persist.

What i wish is,just scrap this NEP.Charter out a plan where all Malaysian can benefit from the plan irrespective of which race you are attached to.
Enshrined a fool proof plan where no individual is able to misuse the plans for his or his cronies personal benefit.

I do believe by giving all Malaysian a fair treatment,we (Malaysia) can go far,even reaching the 2020 target earlier than we palnned for.

I just hope the B***P**** out there gets my message right,as the rest of Non-B*** wants Malaysia to excel as one,not individual billionaires born and millions becometh an ordinary person.

I really hope that this Never Ending Policy will end and a new
All Malaysian Policy is given birth to.....

1:18 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So all of you fabulously wealthy rubber tapping and lorry driving Chinese and Indian labourers, if you have any selfish ideas of this noble policy being stopped before our people are at least equal to you in affluence, please forget it. "


And I wonder what kind of statistics you can provide us? Because I don't think it's fair to make such anecdotal statements.

Is the above-mentioned group (I quoted it) a majority of those whose rights are being trampled upon by the NEP? Or are they merely a small fraction of society, a group whose members are far lesser in number than the economically-disparaged Bumiputras?

Because if they are the former, then the NEP is a viable means of helping the country grow, and while I hardly believe politicians, I do believe that one day they will stop the NEP when there has been enough growth and progress.

Frankly, I tend to agree with you on a lot of things that you write about. Especially you writings on UMNOPutra, because, yes, those people are making themselves some sort of aristocracy, and it's an open secret that they're siphoning the country's wealth for themselves.

But in this NEP matter, I find it hard to agree with you.

I assume this post was motivated by the results of that survey done by ASLI.


1:45 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Robin Goodfellow said...

To Anonymous, as for my part, I really do not give a shit as to whether my or other comments are related to the ASLI report. I also do not give two dicks about the continuation of NEP.

We would have vented our thoughts anyhow irrespective. I speak only for myself when I state this. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, on a daily basis and using Constitutionalise It as the South Africa (back then) and Israel do, please do not whine or complain or issue threats when other neighbouring countries pull ahead. If you cannot properly plan for the alleviation of poverty or repairing the disparity of income between Malays and Non-Malays ala Grameen Bank, please quit using (as tonixe puts it) the Chow Kit charter as an excuse. It is no wonder Prof. Mohd. Yunos won the Nobel Peace Price, not Dr. M who wrote on the Never Ending Dilemma.

To Tonixe, if they really have the balls to use the Chow Kit charter, you should remind them that the Berlin Wall fell in 1991; today\'s headlines is all about Highway Of Death and Artillery Serenades. Ask them also whether they are actually holding onto Pulau Layang-Layang and East Malaysia through their own volition or through the kind assistance of USS Blue Ridge.

7:15 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Anonymous (VK), you're quite right that anecdotal statements are not fair. Sometimes they're put there simply for the sake of discussion or debate. As long as one does not read too much into it, I think it's quite fine.

9:50 AM GMT+8  

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