Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ACA - An Oscar For Drama But Wooden Spoon For Fighting Corruption.

The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is considering producing its second drama series on anti-corruption after its first successful venture earlier this year.

Its director-general Datuk Seri Zulkipli Mat Noor said that although an impact study on the drama Badai Pesona Ringgit had yet to be done, the show had received favourable response.
The 13-episode serial based on cases investigated by the ACA was aired over TV1 from May 29 as part of the agency’s anti-corruption education plan through music and drama.

He said that although the agency’s outreach programmes for the public were successful there was room for improvement. He added that a survey conducted by an independent consultant from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia had also stated that the department’s programmes were effective in attracting participants. “But the consultant also said that it was not enough and that more should be done to see better results,” he said.

Zulkipli said the current conviction rate of 75% should be increased to at least 80%,which is the department’s target, adding that four years back the rate stood at only 50%.

He was speaking to reporters after the department’s Hari Raya and Deepavali celebrations, which were also attended by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and children from three orphanages in Bangi and Kajang.

Zulkipli said that from January to September the department received 8,614 public tip-offs on corrupt practices but could only open investigation papers for 1,079. He said there were 339 arrests with 205 being prosecuted. “Although there were over 8,000 tip-offs some could not be pursued due to lack of evidence,” he said.

Zulkipli said more than 90,000 people had participated in the various anti-corruption programmes such as seminars, talks and exhibitions organised by the agency this year. (The Star)

And The Oscar Goes To...... Yup, the ACA. What is the point of organizing dramas and musicals when the end result is always the same? NFA - No further action. As long as the ACA remains within the purview of the government, and its DG merely an errand boy of the political leadership there will be no qualitative improvement in their performance. The high sounding 75% conviction rate refers merely to the ikan bilis cooling their heels in prison while palace building and "maruah bangsa" screaming ikan yu are roaming around freely making speeches and buying votes.

Frankly not many people have faith in this agency. I remember years ago when a conscientious employee, an Eurasian I think, lodged a complaint with the ACA about serious corruption among senior officers in the Penang Port Authority (If I'm not mistaken) and the ACA leaked the entire report to the very same officers on whom the complaint was made against! The corrupt got away scot-free while the complainant was threatened with disciplinary action!

After all who are the pegawai2 in the ACA? Don't they come from the same mold as the rest of the yang menurut perintah crowd? It's not as if they dropped down from the sky to clean up this corrupted country. Therefore to expect much from them is being a little naive on our part. Our main recourse now is whatever sections of the media which still have the tenacity and guts to publish governmental abuse and corruption as well as some of the more courageous judges of the higher courts. The Inspector-General of Police too holds out some hope. But forget the ACA in its present form. Let them make dramas, musicals and sandiwara. At least they'll get recognition for that.

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