Tuesday, November 14, 2006

9MP Not Just Projects And Contracts, Says Rafidah. Do Those Attending the Umno General Assembly Know That?

The Ninth Malaysia Plan is not merely about projects and contracts but covered various other aspects, Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said Tuesday.

She said the ninth plan encompasses all parties, all sectors and aspects, with emphasis on economic growth, competitiveness and the country's dynamism, giving priority to equal opportunities, social justice and involvement of all quarters.

"Unfortunately, there are people who equate the 9MP to awarding of tenders and contracts, as if the ninth plan is solely to dish out contracts and to spend for projects which involved contracts," said Rafidah, who is also International Trade and Industry Minister. (The full Bernama report here.)

I absolutely agree with this erudite lady. The noble vision which our earlier leaders had about the successive Malaysia Plans has been misinterpreted by the people generally and Umnoputras in particular. In fact the Umnoputras have actually hijacked the Plan and have transformed it into a sort of Aladdin's Lamp which if rubbed and 'greased' properly will grant them more than just three wishes.

Just observe the goings on in the current Umno General Assembly proceedings and witness the oneupmanship demonstrated in the speeches of the delegates and you will see the jaw of the shark in each mouth that opens and closes at the speakers lectern. As I write this, Hishamuddin Hussein Onn just sermonized that "opportunist leaders who stoke the fire of disunity have no place in the Barisan Nasional." Note, he does not say Umno, but Barisan Nasional. Does questioning the bumi equity constitute 'stoking the fire?' Why does he, in an Umno speech seek to bring in BN leaders? Does not Umno have enough on its plate with massive corruption and infested by extremists of various persuasions, firebrand purveyors of sedition and assorted criminal elements? Why look for or attempt to link to bogeymen in the outside when all the ingredients for stoking fires and more are all present and in attendance at the assembly?

These very delegates are the ones who consider themselves the rightful and only beneficiaries of the mega largesse that is the 9MP. 'To each his own' may well best describe the motivating force and the working motto of today's Umno. I think that Rafidah grasps this problem, and thus her reminder and caution on the real objectives of the 9th Malaysia Plan.

More on Hishamuddin's verbal Silat here: Do Not Resort To Racial Politics, Umno Youth Warns.



Blogger shanghaistephen said...

She is HIPOCRACY in the true meaning of the word !What a load of shit , she can preach to fellow corrupted UMNO bandits !
Can she still answer the grand scale issueance of APs and contracts to her family ? The Leader Cable story ,remember ?Remember also the "Oh no...sir... You cannot resign... no..no... you cannot sir..(remember the crocodile tears when the Father of all Master-Bender announced his resignation some years back ??)Malaysian. This fat lady and her family have swindled and raped this country whole-scale and now put on a damn angelic speech for all and expect me to beleive the crap ? There is no contract for anyone big,or small....BECOS.....I have to give them all to my family that's why !Period !!!

5:09 PM GMT+8  
Blogger devonic said...

If the statement really was from her heart,then kudos to her.Otherwise as most of us would presume it's another bla..bla..thing.

But what intrigued me was,about the son of prodigy,our dear Hishamuddin.I guess the premier earlier told all delegates,that all speakers must restrict themselves to facts and do not venture out to treacherous waters,i.e by talking about the non-B*** or even out of UMNOputra.
But i guess Hishamuddin and most of the speakers to date,have percived the message wrongly.
There are more things to talk about,on how to bring up the living conditions of the M**** rather than condemning others.

There was a speaker today,who voiced out that,the M**** is growing at 2% per year compared to non-M**** at 6% in the economic context.Are you telling me and others,after so many years of NEP or other forms of plans,the M**** are still back pedalling.Do they mean the rest of M**** or the UMNOputras themselves..?

Which part of the Non-M**** society is growing at 6% economically.For a guess,it means the Ch******,the In***,the rest of Non-M*** are hand in hand,growing at the same pace.
Be realistic.Is the I**** societies economic state is at more better levels than the M****!!!!!!

We should send all the politicians in Malaysia for history,economics,how to speak truth,humble,mannerism and much more courses before they are allowed to blabber at public.

It's just so irritating when issues such of this calibre pops up....

Dissapointed and furios against Malaysian Politicians...

5:52 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mob1900 said...

Nenek Fidah giving sermons on 9MP?
Akin to the crap telling sh*t smells. Ask her how many times she attended the Parliament.

She wont be called the 'AP Granny' for nuthin'. 'Queen' is so unbefitting.

12:38 AM GMT+8  
Blogger John said...

I guess it is the crab that cannot walk straight teaches another crab to walk straight by this Krishamuddin.

Good show ......

I will show you with my vote if I agreed with your "Wayang Kulit".

8:14 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time when TV broadcast UMNO gen. assembly, I just switch to other channels to watch cartoons. As expected, there wil be racist remarks & bashing of non-bumis in their speech. Some remarks are near to seditious but it would be OK for the UMNOs.
Watching these UMNO gen assembly would only incite & deepen my hatred towards these privileged Umnoputras & Umnoputris. I have no ill feeling toward the general bumis, most of them are just like me struggling for our daily livings whereby our quality of life didnot improve, if not deteriorating.

8:48 AM GMT+8  

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