Friday, October 20, 2006

Is Port Klang Assemblyman Datuk Zainal @ Zakaria Mat Deros Above The Law?

Reading about this son of a gun's misdeeds and utter disregard for rules, regulations, procedures and the law of the land should make even the calmest person hopping mad. By now I'm sure everyone must have heard about his palace built without planning permission and that he had not been paying the annual assessment for his existing house for 12 years.

The Selangor MB Khir Toyo, descendant of a humble Indon migrant, could not be really bothered that his kawan karib, Zainal @ Zakaria owned an illegal palace or had a harem of Arab virgins inside. As far as he was concerned there were no rules prohibiting law-breakers from becoming councillors and the political system allows undesirables to creep in because of the positions they hold in the party. As for defaulting on assessment he absolved himself and totally blamed the council!

As if this is not enough The Sun reports about a satay stall here belonging to our super-enterprising assemblyman Zainal @ Zakaria which is also illegal!

The stall on Jalan Banting, which has evolved into a full-blown restaurant complete with indoor-outdoor dining facilities, has yet to receive a licence from the Klang Municipal Council.

Council president Abd Bakir Zin revealed this to theSun recently, and independent checks also found this to be true. "I told him, we will give you the licence if you obtain the TOL (temporary occupational licence) from the district office but until now he has yet to do it," said Abd Bakir. "Since he has yet to obtain the TOL, this means the stall is illegal," he added.

When contacted, planning committee member Datuk Teh Kim Poo said no building plans were submitted. "As far as I can remember, we did not receive any plans, neither did we approve any satay stall," said the Pandamaran assemblyman.

On Aug 18, MPK demolished an illegal extension of a smaller eatery located just 50m away.

The illegal extension to the food stall belonging to Abdul Salim Mohamad Nor was demolished just two days after he received a eviction notice. However, unlike Zakaria, Abd Salim has a licence to operate his business.

Abd Bakir, meanwhile, said that notices have been issued and Zakaria has been advised accordingly. "We will take action," he said.

What do you have to say now? So much of nonsense has been going on, innocent people have been affected, the poor have been deprived of TOL land and yet the authorities seem helpless and unable to do anything! Even our Royalty, the Sultans now don't have this level of immunity. Is this conman therefore above the law? Any answers?

Update: Datuk Zainal @ Zakaria Mat Deros and his son Zainuri were picked up by federal ACA officers from their home Thursday night and were taken to a hotel here where questioning took place up till this morning. That report HERE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Corruptsia

6:14 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Jorami Ibni Karakhani said...

It is explicit stated in Section 5(13), UMNO Act No.19 (69) that

\"...being an UMNO member automatically confers immunity to the said member from prosecution of civil and criminal charges, unless of course the said member have pissed off the Top Leadership, in which case...\"

By the way, doesn\'t anyone recognise the similarity between UMNO and the Communist Party of China? Who\'s copying whom, anyway?

7:23 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mob1900 said...

Whoa, Mat Deros will definately end up as a fictatious tale for our kids with no morale to learn. Mat Seman/ Jenin/ etc.

Corruptsia is right.

7:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Malaysian, Like what U have said before, this greedy idiot fella Makan terang2 in the public by using his superpower in the MPK. Now, more secret & shits are being gorek out into the public. He is in deep shit now. On the other hand, other Umnoputra Makan diam2 under cover & we will never know, unless somebody dig out their secrets. K. Toyo being the prime suspect. Anyway, I pity those Malays who always said fight for their bangsa but now being slowly colonise by their neighbouring Indon's descendant. Yes, the days are coming, the Indon descendant will rule the Malay descendant! Because the Indons are more hardworking & competitive.

10:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Robin Goodfellow said...

"In 1477, Mansur Shah died and his son Raja Hassan ( and a nephew of Tun Perak) became Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah. He mysteriously died in the prime of his life 11 years later, supposedly poisoned just as he was about to leave for pilgrimage to Mekah. We are now seeing a revival of the Tamil Muslim revolution - with the Temenggung Tun Mutahir, the son of the old former Bendahara Tun Ali, being the chief architect. Sultan Alauddin's elder son and the rightful heir Munawar Shah was passed over for his younger half brother, Mahmud, the son of the Temenggong's own sister. The grand old man of Melaka, Tun Perak, died in 1498, to be succeeded by his brother Tun Puteh. When he died shortly after, Tun Mutahir achieved the victory he desired and became Bendahara - the real power in Melaka. Melaka's State continued to flourish but the court was now thronged and dominated by Tamil merchants, ready to buy their way to royal favour. Thier monopoly in trade made them despised by other traders and the Malay chiefs and common people hated the arrogant and greedy "Jawi Pekan" strutting like rulers."

With apologies to The Malaysian for deviating off from the topic at hand.

9:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has happen to the 'Closed One Eye Bandit" after all the hoo haa. Everyone got away accept the small fries. This is a big catch.But it will get away too. Not only him needs to be investigated. There are many more like him, especially those related to expiring leasehold lands. Check who are those eventual owners. YBs, MPs and councillors too. They will reject the application for extension or charge a extremely high premiums for extension. However, when the origial holders fail to pay up, these lands will miraclously find a new owner with a discounted premiums. Check out how many of these people have lots and lots of land in their contituencies. MALAYSIA BOLEH.

8:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous julthefool said...

There is a report in The Star that *another* Selangor municipal councillor is building a house without permission. And this is what he had to say for himself to the journalist:

“So, you visited the area. You took a lot of photographs. No reason for you to highlight the matter. Everyone is doing it, but my house is small,” he said.

Mazlynoor said that he submitted a plan to MPK’s planning department in 2005.

“It was returned to me as it did not conform to the sewerage infrastructure. As it involved costs, I went ahead with the construction. I will submit the plans after Hari Raya,” he said.


speechless... [mouth drops open in amazement at the complete disregard for any common sense of professional dignity]...

analogy: a person hasn't paid their taxes for two years, they go to the tax department and are told they will have to pay a fine. 'As it involves costs', s/he decides not to proceed...

* If everyone is doing it, why aren't they being stopped. Also, who is 'everyone', and if he knows about it, why hasn't he reported it?

*What was the problem with the sewerage, was it corrected, and if not - is he pumping raw sewerage into the public drain or something?

geez... it is obscene...

11:40 AM GMT+8  

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