Friday, October 20, 2006

Tan Sri Musa Hassan. IGP Who Walks The Talk.

What a difference from the forked tongue, double-dealing and dithering Umno politician, our new Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan is. While at this very moment certain politicians are making fools of themselves defending the indefensible and shielding other crooked pemimpin, the IGP went all out to revamp the police force as never before.

In a major reshuffle in the police force, probably the biggest in its history, 122 senior police officers were moved from their stations today. The revamp was believed to have been initiated by Musa to rejuvenate the administration of the force.

In a 17-page statement, federal police public relations head Supt Mohamed Daud said the reshuffle effective today comprised promotions and lateral transfers.

At the federal and state levels, Penang Chief Police Officer (CPO) Datuk Christopher Wan was promoted to commissioner and appointed CID director, succeeding Datuk Mohd Fauzi Saari who retired recently. Johor deputy CPO Datuk Koh Hong Sun takes over as Penang's top cop.

Kuala Lumpur deputy CPO Datuk Ahmad Bahrain Idrus reports as the new Negri Sembilan CPO while Anti- Narcotics Department deputy director Datuk Abdul Aziz Bulat was promoted to DCP and posted as Perak CPO.

Selangor CID chief SAC II Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah leaves for Sabah as the head of the state police administration while Perak CID chief SAC II Datuk A. Paramasivam is the new Sabah General Operations Force (GOF) commander.

The most crucial changes in my opinion were in the Klang Valley where, of the 13 police districts, nine OCPDs were moved out from their stations. It is interesting to note where some of these OCPDs have now been posted. That should give a rough indication of the real reasons for their transfer. While some were posted to important positions in the narcotics crime intelligence unit, federal commercial crimes department and one was appointed a state CID chief, others were put to pasture in areas where they can do no real harm like accounting, supplies and other minor admin posts.

To show he means business he brought in as replacements, proven and dedicated officers from especially the federal commercial crimes department and serving OCPDs from other districts.

This reshuffle and promotion exercise should send a strong message to corrupt police officers at all levels that the party is over and they will be judged in the future on their merits alone and if they stray or break the law their brother officers will be no more there to shield them.


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Blogger mob1900 said...

We can't have the leaves following where the wind blows. The IGP might be doing all these 'reshuffling' but without a Code of Conduct or Proper Procedures and ultimately a watchdog commitee this exercise will be in vain AFTER the next G.E. where the flavour of the month will be change.

We need a big healthy tree with deep roots to withstand the unpredictable weather and stand strong to deliver law and order. IPCMC is the seed, not the current flavour of the month. Refer to Education Minister, another precarious position which ultimately affects the next generation. =)

9:02 PM GMT+8  
Blogger erica4088 said...

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