Saturday, August 26, 2006

Secret Documents: I Am Surprised That The PM Is Surprised.

Secret documents are purportedly in the hands of the new government nemesis, Dr Mahathir, which he is apparently threatening to use to prove his accusations. And now Pak Lah seems to be taken aback by this revelation.

In fact Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Friday night expressed bewilderment as to how Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad could have obtained secret documents on Malaysia's offer to sell sand to Singapore as claimed by the former Prime Minister. "He has the secret documents? How could he have obtained them?" the Prime Minister asked.

Let us not forget that for 22 years Dr Mahathir had beem helming the government and his contacts deep within the heart of the present executive have obviously been nurtured and sustained by him until this very day. It is my assumption that if he really wanted, he could get hold of any document, no matter how 'super-secret' without much problem. For such is his all-pervasive influence even to this moment.

Of course Dr M now says that he has with him documents that would show that it was Malaysia which offered to sell sand to Singapore, but feared that action might be taken against him if he were to reveal them. What? He fears the Official Secrets Act (OSA)? Now that is rubbish. The worst thing the government can do is to make Mahathir a martyr by detaining him on an OSA charge. And Mahathir knows that.

So does Pak Lah. Abdullah said the government had no problem in accepting the evidence from Mahathir if it was proven that the latter indeed had it."If he wants to hand it over, we don't have any problems with that. Why should we charge him under the OSA?" Good question Prime Minister.

So Mahathir can go on accusing the government and claiming he has this and that document. If he's bluffing the PM has called his bluff by publicly stating that no action under the OSA will be instituted. My personal opinion is that Dr Mahathir must be having some important documents. And I also think that Pak Lah is feigning surprise at this revelation.

**** An interesting read, if you still have not: Is Mahathir Presiding Over A Government Within The Government?


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