Friday, August 25, 2006

Up The Production Of Coarse Sugar Or Face Government Wrath.

Sugar producers, the greedy SOBs they are, employed a simple plan to make huge profits from the people's misery. Lower the production of coarse sugar, create an artificial shortage thereby forcing the public to buy fine sugar, then up production of fine or castor sugar and smile sweetly all the way to the bank.

It worked for a time as the avaricious sugar barons gave all kinds of excuses and explanations to justify the shortage, and even the minister concerned danced the Tango with them, until some ministry chap belatedly found out the ploy. Now after they have made good and easy money, the authorities are screaming unfair and have issued threats. Either produce more coarse sugar or else fine sugar becomes a controlled item. And they have 2 weeks to comply.

The profits are immense. The price of castor sugar which is not a controlled item, is currently sold from RM1.90 to RM2.50 per kg while coarse sugar is sold at RM1.40 per kg. So now you can understand why these crooks are happy with the situation while we suffer.

DPM Najib understandably is hopping mad and indeed was the one who issued the ultimatum. In June I had blogged about this very subject and it would make interesting reading now that the cat is out the bag. I had then called the whole thing a charade. You can read about it below.

Sugar Price Hike Imminent? The Charade Starts.


Blogger What A Lulu said...

food for thought.

sugar is probably the only commodity which is not controlled by the sons of the earth.

when i go to the supermarkets, other that the "had kepada..." signs, i don't really see a shortage.

could this be something palyed up to wrench the sugar barons of their monopoly, and distribute those rights to some people's relatives?

6:55 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

what a lulu, food for thought indeed! Why didn't that cross my mind?

7:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger What A Lulu said...

because you're not a lulu?

8:57 PM GMT+8  

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