Friday, August 25, 2006

Tun Salleh Abbas, Stop Speaking Out Says Nazri.

Former Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas has been told to stop speaking out about his sacking from the judiciary in 1988. Minister in Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz said Salleh should not keep raising the "old issue" as it could undermine the judiciary.

As former head of the judiciary, Salleh should be able to know whether the issue was of public interest or otherwise. "I am not saying something that does not make any sense. The public must have faith in the judiciary. He (Mohd Salleh) should stop making public statements on this matter," he said.

Mohd Nazri reiterated that the sacking of Salleh and two Supreme Court judges would not be reviewed. "The government decision on the matter is final... there is no reason to reopen the case," he said.

Recently, Salleh said he concurred with the Malaysian Bar Council president Yeo Yang Poh that the 1988 crisis in the judiciary should be reviewed. He was also quoted as saying that his sacking and that of two other judges was wrong. He also said the crisis was triggered by the late judge Datuk Harun Hashim's strong comment against the government which cancelled the visa of two journalists from the Asian Wall Street Journals.

**** Firstly it is not Nazri's place to advice the man who suffered most in the 1988 judicial crisis. Tun Salleh Abbas was publicly humiliated with trumped-up charges that involved the highest officials of the land and even unnecessarily linking the Istana into the picture. Nazri convinces no one when he says that the issue is 'old' and why raise it now? And who says it is not of public interest? From the very day plans to sack Tun Abbas were implemented to this very moment, the public interest in the black period of our judiciary has not waned.

In fact now is the opportune time to discuss without any preconditions, Dr Mahathir's exercise of raw, brute executive power to bludgeon the then judiciary into submission. In the process the former PM made examples of the few brave men who stood up to the injustices perpetrated then. And this budak, Nazri has the gumption to advice the one-time highest judge in the country!

Please do carry on Tun Abbas, let the whole world know about the massacre of the judiciary in 1988 and why we should review those decisions taken at the behest of a tyrant.


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