Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who Will Pay For This Young Boy's Murder?

How is it possible that a mentally retarded boy who happened to be picked up in a dadah raid end up dead in a drug rehabilitaion centre? Where are the checks and balances that must surely be in place to ensure that such a cruel thing does not occur? Who is going to be held responsible for the unnecessary loss of a young and precious life? What wrong can a mentally retarded child do that could have caused him to be battered to death?

Someone must answer all these questions and one or more culpable persons should be severely punished for allowing this gruesome murder to take place. Are we such a lawless country now, that incidents like this can occur and everyone directly and indirectly responsible for it can get away scot-free? Not only the drug rehab inmates who committed the murder but also those officials responsible for placing the boy in the centre should be meted out punishment. At least Suhakam is in the picture now and hopefully the family of this poor retarded boy may yet get justice for their loss. Please read this report in the NST today.......

The murder of a mentally-challenged teenager at a drug rehabilitation centre has prompted a probe as authorities are left baffled over what he was doing there in the first place. The possibility of a lackadaisical approach in handling this case is among questions the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) is seeking answers to in determining whether the 16-year- old was sent to the right treatment facility.

"Police have investigated the murder incident, but what we are perturbed about is whether there was a breakdown in handling treatment of suspected dadah addicts," Suhakam commissioner Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam told the New Straits Times. "When the teenager was picked up, how come no one noticed his psychological disability? This is pertinent."

Checks revealed that M.E. Kathiravan, from Klang, was picked up during a police narcotics operation in July last year. After a two-week detention, he was ordered to be held at the Tiang Dua drug rehabilitation centre in Malacca. On April 27, Kathiravan’s family was told that the teen- ager was admitted to Malacca Hospital and his condition was serious.

He died the same day, and an autopsy done the following day revealed bone fractures. A second autopsy was performed at Seremban Hospital on the request of family members. Police investigations led to the arrest of several individuals undergoing treatment at the drug rehabilitation facility. Four people have since been charged.

**** What would have gone on in the mind of that poor mentally retarded boy when he was being battered by the murderers? Would he have felt frightened or would he have laughed, not knowing what fear is, or would he have suffered in agony, since he probably would have felt the terrible pain as 'normal' people like us do? It is indeed very, very sad that such horrible things happen in Malaysia too.


Anonymous samsung said...

This is too much. How are we trust the justice in this country. Even mentally challenged chidren are not safe.

4:41 PM GMT+8  

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