Friday, August 25, 2006

Should State Assemblymen Explain Their Allocated Spending?

The various state governments allocate millions of ringgit for their assemblymen, which they are entrusted to use for the benefit of the rakyat. How many actually do spend it on the intended purposes? How much of the allocation finds its way into their own pockets and proxy accounts? Are these Yang Berhormat answerable to anyone regarding this large amount of cash? Has any overseeing authority ever bothered to make them accountable for every sen spent in the name of the citizens of the state? I wonder. Please read this NST report about the hoo haa in the Perak State Assembly on this very subject. It'll help you decide on how our money is being spent.....

......SHOULD all 59 state assemblyman declare the expenditure for their total annual allocation of over RM5.3 million? The answer was a resounding "no" when DAP State Assemblyman for Pantai Remis Nga Kor Ming brought it up yesterday.

Nga had alleged that some Barisan Nasional assemblymen had misused the development fund to sponsor party activities instead of spending it on the people. BN assemblymen were instead upset with his allegations. Such allegations should be supported with proof, said Datuk Tajuddin Rahman (BN- Kampong Gajah), prompting Hasbullah Osman (BN- Temenggor) to insist that the allegation be withdrawn. Datuk Chang Kon You (BN-Chenderiang) said the DAP was jealous and acting irresponsibly. State Urban and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Chang Ko Youn also challenged Nga to repeat his allegations outside the State Assembly.

Nga had filed a motion that "all allocations through state executive councillors, state assemblymen and officers in civil service be handled transparently and disclosed to the State Assembly to avoid potential abuse and corruption".

He said each assemblyman received a yearly allocation of RM75,000, with executive councillors allotted an additional RM100,000. Excluding the share given to the Menteri Besar, the allocations amounted to RM5.3 million, he said.

He claimed there were state assemblymen who were getting "commission" from their allocation as a wakil rakyat. He alleged that a former state assemblyman who gave RM8,000 of his allocation to a SJK (C) Chong Tek in Kampung Simee was given a "rebate" of RM2,000, as recorded by the school’s accounts.

He claimed that the allocation given by a wakil rakyat for a bridge in Sungai Batu had gone through so many layers of subcontractors that it collapsed soon after it was built.

There were also complaints of state assemblymen using their allocations to sponsor "study trips" to Thailand, attended by members from their party branches, he claimed.

Nga urged all state assemblymen to present detailed accounts and offered to apologise if proven wrong. (NST)

**** Well what have you to say? Either the DAP man is a pathological liar or the Perak State Assembly has distinguished members who accept commissions from their own state allocated donations, take leisurely lawatan sambil belajar with partymen and women(?) to Thailand and have contributed to collapsing bridges. They are also supremely confident that no one can trace their financial mismanagement when they scream "mana bukti bradder?" and challenge the DAP man to repeat the allegation outside the Assembly.

What a total loss. The financial allocations that is. And the Yang Berhormats too.


Anonymous SilverState pauper said...

The ACA should be asked to check on these Honorable cheats. No wonder many are driving fancy cars after a few years in power.

5:39 PM GMT+8  

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