Friday, August 25, 2006

Siti Nurhaliza-Datuk K Wedding. Envious RTM Wants In.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, Darth Vader of the information Darkside, denied that RTM was trying to elbow aside TV3 and grab a little of the action from them, by telecasting a special programme when the private channel would show the "bersanding" ceremony of singer Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin and businessman Datuk Mohamad Khalid Jiwa.

Both the "Rancangan Khas ... Ina" and the "bersanding" ceremony are scheduled for telecast at 8.45 pm on Monday.

Zainuddin said it was a coincidence that the date and time of the programmes clashed(!?!) because plans for the RTM programme were made even before Siti Nurhaliza had announced her wedding date. (Maybe Lord Zam had planned for it even before Siti had decided to get married!)

"We do not consider TV3 as our rival. We have our respective programmes and we provide different programmes for different viewers. The government does not prohibit anyone from coming up with programmes. (How nice of Lord Zam to be so magnanimous and charitable to others including TV3, which has pipped RTM on many occasions.)

The real story probably is that after the runaway success of the wedding's coverage by TV3, RTM as usual belatedly hit on the idea of getting a little mileage by conducting a "rancangan khas" since they did not have a share of the exclusive rights. Therefore they have planned a gala, grand rival programme hoping to attract some viewers at least.

The "Rancangan Khas ... Ina" (Ina ... Special Programme) is a live telecast coordinated with Astro Ria and comprises conversation between Akademi Fantasia Tiga (AF3) winner Asmawi Ani or Mawi with his former fiancee Nordiana Mohd Naim (Ina). Zainuddin said the selection of Ina for the programme was based on her talent and not because Ina was the former fiancee of Mawi. He said the discussions between RTM and Ina to run the programme had begun some time ago but were deferred after Ina decided to return to her village.The discussions resumed after Ina decided to work in Kuala Lumpur, he added.

Wow! The lengths that RTM and Zam will go to get a chunky piece of the action, without the main people, Siti and Datuk K being there!.


Anonymous Neo said...

I have live telecast on my blog. hahaha

2:29 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Jack Lee said...

It is healthly to see TV stations battle for the viewers, and the benefits go to them.

10:42 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Jack Lee said...

It is healthy for TV stations to battle for viewers and the benefits go to them.

10:43 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

True, jack lee, true.

10:45 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous bencanalam said...

Too bad, TVs is not sensible, there are souls with broken hearts going to Australia.The mosque authority misused its power by allowing annoyance and hinderance to those performing prayers in the mosque.It is not wrong performing wedding in the mosque, but not inside, because people want to pray, not to be disturbed. The ocassion should be outside the mosque. Islam forbade egoism, wastage, overspending. There are people plagued by poverty and hunger.

12:23 AM GMT+8  

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