Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do You Believe This Khir Toyo Explanation?

Khir Toyo says: "No state officer will be held accountable for the signing away of outdoor advertising rights in Selangor because the agreement was “technically right” even though it was “morally wrong.”

“I have investigated the matter. There was no malice on the part of the state officers when they signed the agreement giving advertising rights to a private company called Bernam Jaya. The agreement signed last year was technically correct and even vetted by the state legal department."

When the agreement reached his attention early this year, he realised it was “morally wrong” because it granted monopoly rights to Bernam Jaya. “It is morally wrong to give monopoly to one company. We are in discussion with the company, but we will not be paying compensation,” he said. “We still want them to build pedestrian bridges as was our original intention.”

Asked how the state officers could have signed such a lopsided agreement, Dr Khir replied: “The officers acted in good faith, in wanting to sign the agreement fast to speed up the projects because we really needed those pedestrian bridges.

“During the discussions, the company representatives proposed that they be given the outdoor advertising rights to help them build the bridges faster. “This proposal was then included in the agreement. When I found out about it, I suspended the agreement. There will be no monopoly; that is our stand,” said Dr Khir.

Asked what lesson could be learnt from this incident, Dr Khir said it would mean the state executive council had to go through all agreements before they were signed.

**** What a saint Toyo is!!! He found out about the 'morally wrong' decision taken by his dedicated officers whose only intention was to get the bridges built faster so that the public will enjoy the benefits earlier. Then after finding out, Toyo perhaps spent the better part of half a year pondering on the moral aspect, for nothing was done to halt the tainted deal. And coincidentally, just when he was about to explain to his officers the difference between moral and theoretical 'wrongs' and perhaps cancel the agreement, the media, especially that nemesis of the state government, R. Nadeswaran revealed the scandalous details and all hell broke loose.

Now the all-forgiving Toyo, having full trust in his totally committed staff and knowing the 'good faith' with which they signed the deal without his knowledge (or so he says), is not planning any action at all. Not even a 'tut-tut.' How can he discipline them? After all they 'acted in good faith' even though they were morally wrong!!

Our Selangor MB should start writing novels, preferably fiction. He'll do very well. He's got great talent. Who knows we may have in our midst another Tolstoyo, oops, Tolstoy.


Blogger mob1900 said...

Sounds exactly like Vice Counsellor of UPM, Nik Mustapa on his handling of the UPM thuggery. Semuanya OK...

5:05 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Singh said...

When you deal with businessman you don't just go with good faith.
Good intentions but morally wrong.
Indeed, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' Samuel Johnson.

8:05 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell broke loose definitely under Pak Lah administration. Just take a good look at the current affairs in our beloved country. All department of the ministry runs the way it seems fit in their own decision without consideration to what the rakyat's feeling.

Is Pak Lah out of control to his animal cabinet? All the monkey ministers are having fun time when the nation is heading for a worst time in history.

All promises Pak Lah made is just words and rakyat have given him more that 90% vote!

Goodness Me! What have become of this country?

10:38 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

mob, while I won't equate the VC with the more sinister Toyo, I do agree that as far as the both of them are concerned semuanya OK! and singh, I personally feel that Toyo's talk about good faith is just plain horseshit.
anonymous, many share your feelings of disappointment about Pak Lah.

12:43 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please read the report in Sun newspaper about this crooked man. He should be sacked and sent back to his Indonesia.

5:56 PM GMT+8  

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