Saturday, July 22, 2006

Johor Mentri Besar, Don't Be An Opportunist.

Please read the following statement by the Johor MB regarding the Article11 meeting at JB: Johor Mentri Besar and state Umno leader Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the party was disappointed that the forum was held, as it is already stated in the constitution that Islam was the country’s official religion. The matter was discussed during a state liaison committee meeting here.

**** Just a few points to note here. If this big mouth had felt sooo strongly about the issue and did not like the forum being held in 'his' state capital, why did he not protest and make a hue and cry before the meeting took place? He could easily have lobbied Putrajaya or at least vehemently opposed the forum being held at JB. It would have gone on record where he stood on the issue. Instead this rank opportunist waits for it to be over and then conveniently condemns it and for safe measure adds that it was discussed at a state liaison committee meeting! What did you do to register your protest prior to the meeting, when weeks before it was held there were protests elsewhere by other parties who were genuinely opposed to it?

To stir further controversy and as an attempt to legitimize and give his opposition to the forum a religious flavour he idiotically links it to the constitution, alluding rather stupidly to the position of Islam in the country by saying " it is already stated in the constitution that Islam was the country’s official religion." Who does not know that? But what has the Article 11 forum to do with the position of Islam? Is he really that dumb or is he pretending to be a jackass who doesn't know what he is talking about while all the time cleverly hoping to score a few points among his followers?

It is his right to oppose the forum as it is the right of the organisers to hold it. The opportunity to voice our opposition or support any issue is a basic privilege of a democratic people. However what rankles me is the way he has gone about it thinking no one would notice or care. In future Mentri Besar make your opposition to any issue loud and clear at the earliest opportunity and not after the fact.


Blogger walski69 said...

His statement is indeed opportunistic. In fact, BADAI (dan minda-minda yang sewaktu dengannya) are barking up the wrong tree (IMHO), demonstrating to the world how intollerant a bunch of imbeciles they are. In the end, their actions will do more damage to Islam, rather than promoting it.

6:04 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mob1900 said...

I think ppl are smart enough to separate these 'politikus' from their religion, well, unless religion is really indeed 'Blind Faith'.

8:09 PM GMT+8  

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