Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bumi Entrepreneurs Fail Because Of Poor Discipline

Indiscipline and poor integrity were the main factors which causes the failure of Bumiputera entrepreneurs in their business, said Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad's (PUNB) Executive Director-General Datuk Mohd Nazri Ahmad Saturday.

He said a survey which was done by PUNB through Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Retail Project Scheme (Prosper) showed that most of the Bumiputera entrepreneurs have to close shop due to the failure to have good discipline and integrity.

There are also other reasons such as the failure to choose a strategic place to do business and the poor demand for the products manufactured. For the five-year period from 2000-2005, about 13 percent of the entrepreneurs have failed in their business. As at last year, a total of 107 from 1,040 Bumiputera entrepreneurs under the Prosper scheme have failed. For last year alone, PUNB has approved 257 loan applications while for this year, the corporation has approved 280 applications.

The Prosper scheme for graduates, which was introduced in August last year, offers a maximum loan of RM50,000 and with a repayment period of seven years. Since it was introduced, about RM2.2 million has been given out as loans to 66 entrepreneurs.

Sometimes even the best of intentions fall by the wayside. So sad.


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