Sunday, July 23, 2006

Azalina - Our Do-Or-Die Sports Minister.

I must admit albeit grudgingly that I greatly admire Azalina's tenacity and bullheadedness. Her sense of priority and respect for public opinion may be perversely warped, but that do-or-die attitude will stand her in good stead when she exits from the Cabinet. Despite the known views of the Brits and their penchant for preservation and having just received a bloody nose on the issue of the so-called London Sports Centre, this obstinate minister having set her sights on the centre will now take it upon her mighty shoulders to somehow share the buildings of the Rubber Research Centre outside London! First share, and then the royal boot for the research centre? One centre out and another centre comes in. Fair and square!

Is it feminine grit or a bad habit from earlier days of not taking no for an answer? I can't understand this love for London and the sports centre. What exactly is her game? What does she stand to gain by blindly rushing in rage after having been given the short shrift once? The Brits don't want you or your building in their territory. Is that so difficult to comprehend? Or is it a case of hell hath no fury as a woman.....? Please read the report of our sports minister's unyielding stance.

The Youth and Sports Ministry will continue pursuing the building of the controversial sports centre outside London, despite strong objections from many quarters, including the opposition parties. Its minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said said the matter had to be pursued as it was needed to mould Malaysian sportsmen to become high achievers.

She slammed detractors of the project, saying their criticisms were baseless especially with regard to the cost of the project. "I don't see why this project has become an issue because the cost, which was raised by opposition leader Lim Kit Siang, has yet to be finalised," she told reporters here.

Media reports that the centre will cost RM490 million triggered an outcry from many quarters, including opposition parties who claimed that the money could be put to better use in Malaysia.
Azalina, however, said the Finance Ministry had the last say on the matter as it is a government project.

The proposed centre is to be located at the Tun Abdul Razak Rubber Research Centre (TARRC) in Brikendonbury in Hertfordshire, some 24km from the approved site of the 2012 London Olympic Games village. However, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last Wednesday had said that the British authorities would not allow additional buildings to be built at the TARRC because it has been gazetted as a heritage site.

In view of this, Azalina said the National Sports Council (NSC) would meet the Malaysian Rubber Board next week to discuss the possibility of sharing the TARRC facility. The outcome of the meeting would be presented to the Cabinet Committee on Sports when it held its next meeting in September for further consideration, Azalina added.

**** What is wrong with this woman? Can someone enlighten me please!!!


Blogger mahaguru58 said...

Read my latest post that is linked to yours here.

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4:45 PM GMT+8  
Blogger lubok melayu said...

Is there anything wrong with the woman? I see a minister who is sure of what is good for her ministry and is not about to be cowed by you or me, Kit Siang of the might of the Brits. I see someone with a track record - she put Rafidah in her place with the establishment of Puteri Umno (even Dr Mahathir finds it hard to put Rafidah in her place!) and she has made sports a more efficient ministry, even though soccer still sucks and sports writers still suck even more! I see a person who is nhot afraid of obstacles, who will make sure that her ministry will get what is good for it and sportsmen and sportswomen in this country get the best!

Who knows, the England complex can train our sports writers how to write, too!

6:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous spaceman said...

yes there's something wrong with this woman as she thinks spending millions on a sports facility in England isn't a waste of money. Who cares if we're good at sports when we suck at everything else?
The money could be used to improve our education sector. By improve I don't mean build more infrastructure.

2:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this woman...when she took up her position, campur tangan resulting in the deregisteration of a sports association that has been going strong for 30 odd years. as a result, malaysian players for this sport arent allowed to compete for the country for almost 2 years now. why? because she herself is part of the sport but in an organization that does not have olympic recognition. cant wait for cabinet reshuffle and portfolios to be switched

11:53 AM GMT+8  
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