Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ops Warta VI: Five Offenders Fined

Five traffic offenders, the first group to be rounded up in Ops Warta VI, were fined between RM100 and RM450 each by the Magistrate's Court here today for failing to settle their summonses.They were among 11,456 people against whom warrants of arrest had been issued by the Kuala Lumpur traffic police for failing to settle the compounds for traffic offences.

Roll of Honour:

1) Wong Kin Seong, 52, lorry driver - RM450. Wong admitted to slow-driving in the fast lane, causing traffic congestion at Jalan Kuching at about 11.50am on Jan 18 and refusing to sign a notice issued by the police for the offence. (A road hog eh?)

2) Mohamed Syafiq Ahmad Kamal, 22, electrical shop worker - RM450. Riding a motorcycle without a licence, road tax and insurance cover.

3) Mohamed Shahilnizam Salahudin, 18 - RM450. Riding a motorcycle without a licence, road tax and insurance cover.

4) Tan Chee Hong, 18 - RM400. Driving a car with an expired licence in Jalan Sultan Ismail on May 21 last year.

5) Mohamed Hafzal Mohd Bahari, 20 - RM100. Not displaying the "P" (probationary) sign when driving in Jalan Tun Perak on April 25 last year.

**** So all those of you who have even the slightest doubt please do check and if unfortunately you are on the cop's hit list please sort it out with the police and get it over with, rather than put up with the hassle of going to court and having your names published in the papers.

Obviously these five are not bloggers who read my blog where I did warn on 2/6/06 about OPS WARTA VI.


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